CO2 starts to go low (but not quite ultra low)

28th April 2015

Good news. For the 17th year in a row, carbon tailpipe emissions in the UK have fallen, taking them to an all-time low. Figures from the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) show that the CO2 emissions of the average new car in the UK are now at 124.6g/km, which has beaten the EU target by 4.2%.

Although the shift to more efficient diesel and petrol engines has helped beat these targets, the massive growth in the ultra low emission vehicle market has contributed too. Britain is also surging ahead in Europe, selling more plug-in cars than any other country, as more and more Brits learn of the benefits that come with owning a ULEV, such as road tax and congestion charge exemption. Still a long way to go, of course, but extremely positive developments.

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Talking quiet interiors with Quentin Willson

24th April 2015

This week, we’ve been in the studio with motoring journalist Quentin Willson chatting about the benefits of ultra low emission vehicles and why he’s so thrilled to see the growth in popularity of electric cars in the UK.

Quentin is a self-confessed convert to electric cars and admits that, more often than not, he finds himself choosing his electric car for urban journeys, despite having the choice of other traditionally-fuelled cars.

Our research has shown that seven out of 10 motorists think a quieter cabin would help improve their mood and reduce stress during car journeys, and that this could actually make them better drivers.

Quentin described how he fell in love with electric cars after he experienced the ‘quiet movement’ that you just can’t get with noisier cars. The quieter, calmer experience of being inside an electric car is just one of the many reasons he argues that everyone should be open to going ultra low.

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Ultra low customers voice their satisfaction

22nd April 2015

Ultra low emission vehicles are flying high when it comes to owner satisfaction. For the first time ever, two electric vehicles are in the top 10 of this year’s Driver Power survey run by Auto Express. The Renault ZOE and Nissan LEAF are the cars that have made the cut, coming in fifth and eighth respectively.

This is a clear sign that Brits are starting to realise the many benefits of ultra low emission vehicles. Not only are there great cost savings to be made, but the proof is here that these cars are a pleasure to own too. There’s a wide range of electric vehicles to try, and you can find out what all the fuss is about by booking a test drive. Start here:

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Silence is golden for ultra-low passengers

21st April 2015

We all enjoy a chance to get a bit of peace and quiet during our busy lives. In fact, new research from Go Ultra Low shows that 74% of people long for more ‘quiet time’. This isn’t something, perhaps, that we associate too often with car journeys but the interiors of ultra-low emission vehicles are among the quietest on the road – something that our research shows can make both drivers and passengers happier.

That said, a silent cabin isn’t the only advantage of going ultra-low, so take a look here to see all the other perks that you can benefit from:

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Brits not slow to Go Ultra Low

18th April 2015

We’re delighted to see motorists and businesses across the UK turning to ultra-low emission vehicles in record numbers. The latest registration figures from the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) show there has been an increase of 386% in the first quarter of this year, versus the same period in 2014. This phenomenal growth means more people than ever before are benefiting from annual fuel savings of around £660, a nationwide network of free recharging points and no congestion charge to pay in London.

It goes to show that these cars are for now, not just the future, and more savvy drivers across the country are realising this every single day. There are so many options available – find the one that’s right for you here:

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Van-tastic value

16th April 2015

We know that commercial vehicle operators and fleet managers are always on the lookout for ways to save money. That’s why we released some new research this week: to show exactly how much cash can be saved just by switching to ultra-low emission vehicles.

Ultra-low emission vans can save around £1,500 a year on fuel costs, in comparison to their diesel-powered contemporaries. And when you consider that nearly half of the 3.7 million vans on the UK’s roads could tap into these savings, there’s a whopping £2.6 billion in fuel costs that could be avoided.

Not only that, but when you add in lower maintenance fees and tax rates, ultra-low emission vehicles really do make a lot of sense for the CV market. So what’s stopping you? Read more about your options here:

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