No more trips to the petrol station

29th July 2015

The conventional petrol station could be on its way out. We’ve released some research which shows that, 90% of the time, plug-in cars are charged at home.

The latest data from Chargemaster also shows that total charging volumes have almost tripled since 2014. All of this, along with our recent announcement about the encouraging uptake of electric vehicles in 2015 so far, indicates that more motorists are choosing to opt for hassle-free electric car ownership and avoid their previous reliance on petrol stations.

Although the importance of the public charging infrastructure in the UK is not to be underestimated, these new figures show that it is much more likely that an electric car driver will charge at home than on the go.

Government subsidies of up to £700 are available for the installation of home chargepoints, meaning it’s easier than ever to charge at home, and this is just the start of savings that can be made by going ultra low. You can read more about the costs and benefits here:


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Getting government to go ultra low

27th July 2015

The government is putting its money where its mouth is to get more than 100 ultra-low emission plug-in cars and vans onto government fleets. In total, 15 government departments and agencies, including the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, Ministry of Defence and the Home Office, will run around 140 ultra-low emission vehicles on their fleets to reduce emissions.

The vehicles will be used to transport government staff and equipment. In fact, one of the most high-profile fleets, the Government Car Service, which provides cars for ministers, will be running four plug-in cars.

This trial aims to show how effective they can be in government and public sector fleets and encourage more take-up over the coming years. As well as reducing emissions, the vehicles will also save taxpayers money on running costs.

Beyond government vehicles, fleets right across the wider public sector will also be incentivised to go ultra low through 75% funding for vehicles and for chargepoints at workplaces, from council car parks to police stations, as part of a total investment of £5 million.

To find out how electric cars could benefit your fleet, head to

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New video: “Less of an impact on global warming”

20th July 2015

Most people are now aware of the fact that ultra low emission vehicles help the environment, but did you know just how huge the potential positive impact they can have is?

Head over to the YouTube channel here to watch the whole animated series.

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New video: “As simple as charging your mobile phone!”

17th July 2015

Ultra low emission vehicles are as simple to charge as your mobile phone – the government will even pay up to 75% of the kit cost.

The latest video in our animated series explains that there are now more than 7,000 public chargepoints across the UK, including rapid chargers at motorway service stations.

So what are you waiting for? Take a look!

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Electric vehicle registrations accelerate at double speed in just six months

16th July 2015

Greener motoring has taken a giant leap forward with the exciting news that electric car registrations have surpassed their year-long 2014 total in just six months.

Ultra low emission vehicle sales have grown at a rate of 256% so far this year with 14,586 new registrations from January to June – up by more than ten thousand in the same time period last year!

Emphasising the buzz that EVs are creating even further, registrations are doubling year on year in every region – showing how savvy Britain’s motorists are becoming, as they recognise the benefits of low cost driving from around 2p a mile.

We may only be halfway through the year, but it’s clear to see that ultra low emission driving is making real headway in the motoring market as more and more motorists decide to make the switch.

To get on board with the future of motoring and find out more about the variety of electric cars now available, from city run-arounds and family hatchbacks to 4x4s and sports cars, head here:

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UK sustains EV growth

10th July 2015

We all know that the electric car market in the UK is on the up, and the latest Sustainability Report from the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders reinforced that with some telling figures. The report, published annually, looks at the economic, environmental and social impact of the automotive industry in the UK, and although performance as a whole is positive, some of the news for the electric car market was particularly encouraging.

Not only did the UK have the fastest growing market in the EU for plug-in electric vehicle in 2014, up 37%, but the UK also had the largest EU market for these vehicles, with more than 15,000 registrations.

The number of vehicle models using electric power has also risen, from 36 in 2012, to 47 in 2014, and 58 models in 2014. This includes both pure electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles.

A special mention also went to Nissan in helping to sustain the fantastic output of the UK car industry, as Nissan’s Sunderland plant remains our largest vehicle producer. This is partly due to output of the LEAF doubling to more than 17,000 units.

We’re always pleased to see such positive news coming out of the electric car industry. For more information, you can read the full report here:

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New video – “Any person, place or pastime”

6th July 2015

It isn’t the case now that ultra low emission vehicles only suit you if you live in a city. There is now a wide choice available, from hatchbacks, to sports cars, to 4x4s. There’s something to suit everyone!

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New video – “A car that takes you the extra mile”

3rd July 2015

Ultra low emission vehicles don’t have to be just for short trips, and the latest video in our animated series explains that plug-in hybrids can have a range of up to 700 miles.

These vehicles stay in electric mode for your everyday journeys, and an efficient fuel engine takes over when you need to travel further.



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The Go Ultra Low Owners’ Club launches

1st July 2015

We are thrilled to announce that we are launching the Go Ultra Low Owners’ Club – a group of ultra low emission vehicle drivers who all love their cars and want to share their experiences.

From next week, we’ll be regularly sharing photos and testimonials from the Owners’ Club members drivers to showcase their lives with electric cars. It’ll all be happening on the Go Ultra Low Facebook page so give us a ‘like’ to see what the fuss is all about.

To discover the right ultra low emission vehicle for you, just visit:

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