Switch to a new electric vehicle and save hundreds on your garage bills

25th February 2016

For most of us, one of the most expensive things about owning a car is its annual service. But the thousands of people who have already made the switch to electric motoring are on track to save hundreds of pounds a year on their car service bill.


We’ve released figures today revealing that the average annual cost for maintenance and servicing on a petrol or diesel vehicle is £400, meaning that UK drivers shell out a huge £13 billion annually just on servicing. In comparison, the average cost of annual servicing and maintenance bills on a new pure electric vehicle is just £94, resulting in potential savings of £306 a year for every motorist.


Collectively, this adds up to massive savings of £10 billion if every motorist in the country made the switch to a new electric vehicle.


These savings could prove to be even more important, as our research also revealed that more than one in twenty car owners claim to have lost out on earnings from missing work while they get their cars serviced, fixed or maintained.


The nation’s newest favourite money saver, blogger Ashleigh Swan, is backing our call for drivers to save money by switching to electric. Having recently tried out and electric car, using it for the everyday driving tasks that apply to families all over the country, Ashleigh said: “electric cars offer a way to enjoy modern motoring, without breaking the bank”.


Find out more about the money-saving benefits of going ultra low here: https://www.goultralow.com/owning-a-go-ultra-low-car/

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Lightbulb moments: Hossain Shahidullah on why he chose the BMW i3

11th February 2016

In a new feature on the Go Ultra Low blog – Lightbulb Moments – we’ll be bringing you monthly viewpoints from members of our Owners’ Club and from businesses who have gone ultra low on what it was that made them switch to an electric vehicle. In this month’s instalment, BMW i3 owner Hossain Shahidullah tells us what sealed the deal for him.


“I waited years for the right electric car to come along. Then I saw that BMW had created a small five-door electric vehicle, so when it came to getting a new car, I went out to drive one. I was hooked immediately and my wife and I surprised ourselves by opting for the pure electric rather than the range-extended version, which has a small petrol engine, when signing. The fact I could plug it in at home and charge overnight made me think that this was the future.


“I have had the car for nearly two years now, and the cost of running it is about 3p per mile, which is a massive reduction on our previous vehicle. Add to that savings on car tax due to it being zero emission, and it has been very financially viable. As the charging infrastructure continues to improve, owning an electric vehicle will only become easier too!“


Find out which electric car is right for you – click here to check out our car selector.

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Go Ultra Low Cities – an extra £5m boost to electric cars

5th February 2016

We recently announced the exciting news that four UK cities have won part of a £35 million pot of Government funding to invest in improving their ultra low emission vehicle infrastructures.


The announcement was big news, not just with national and regional press, but also on social media. Following the announcement, Twitter was set alight as people up and down the country sought to find out more. We were pleased to see our news curated as a Twitter Moment, meaning it was one of the major topics that people in the UK were discussing online that morning.






However, it’s not just the four winning cities getting in on the action as the £35m was boosted by £5 million of additional funding which has been granted for specific initiatives in Dundee, Oxford, York and the North East. These initiatives will encourage even more people to switch to electric cars.

Here’s what each runner-up city is planning:


  • Dundee City Council’s funding will enable the city to expand its network of charging hubs, while also opening up large parts of the wider region to plug-in car owners and improving the city’s air quality.
  • In Oxford, the largest pilot of its kind in the UK will begin when electric vehicle (EVs) charge points of differing kinds will be installed in pavements and lampposts. .
  • York will build on its established EV charging network with the creation of a city-wide network of additional hubs with solar charging capacity, providing fast, reliable and convenient charging for the city and its neighbouring authorities’ residents.
  • The North East will see new electric filling stations installed at Science Central, in Newcastle, and on the A19 on the outskirts of Sunderland. Each filling station will feature rapid chargers which top up electric vehicles in 15 to 20 minutes.


We’re delighted to see the EV revolution growing in all corners of the UK. What are you waiting for? Find the electric car that’s right for you by using our car selector today.

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