What’s your motoring mindset?

25th April 2016

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Would you say you have an electric car mindset? Well, according to new research we’ve launched today, over half a million UK motorists do, but just don’t know it yet. What’s more, the number of electric vehicles on the road could rocket by 500,000 if motorists’ car buying choices were more closely matched to their ownership profile and preferences.


By comparing attitudes of petrol and diesel car drivers with existing EV owners, we’ve discovered that one in five new car buyers would be better off driving a plug-in car. This discovery demonstrates the untapped potential of the electric car market, which could grow from around 1.5% share today to more than 20% if drivers matched their running cost and fuel economy aspirations with the 30+ plug-in vehicles currently available.


Of those drivers we spoke to, almost half drive no more than 15 miles a day, while the vast majority (98%) of drivers said they travel less than 100 miles daily – well within the range of most pure electric vehicles.


With low running costs, tax exemptions and free parking in many location, it’s no longer a question of will more motorists choose electric, but when.


This new research comes alongside the launch of the brand new Go Ultra Low advertising campaign, encouraging more drivers to electrify their drive. You can watch the new film below.


To find the right electric vehicle for you, try our car selector.


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Electric car registrations reach record high

15th April 2016

Electric car registrations are on the up again. This week we released our quarterly registrations figures which showed a 23% year-on-year rise in electric car sales, taking the number of plug-in vehicles on UK roads to a record high.  This builds on a bumper year for EVs which saw 2015 registrations outdo the previous five years combined.


More than 115 electric cars were registered every day during the first quarter of 2016, working out at one being bought every 13 minutes, and this represents the best period of electric car sales since the Plug-in Car Grant was introduced in January 2011. In total, 10,496 electric vehicles hit UK roads in the first three month of the year.


These soaring figures show that hundreds of people every week are coming round to the fact that plug-in cars are cleaner, greener and cheaper to run. This growing enthusiasm for electric motoring means that the UK is a world leader in the uptake of low emission vehicles.


To see the range of electric cars available and book a test drive, head to www.goultralow.com/car-selector

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A guide to Milton Keynes for electric car owners

12th April 2016

Milton Keynes is one of four UK cities to recently receive government funding to boost electric vehicle infrastructure through the Go Ultra Low Cities initiative, and local resident Will, a member of our Owners’ Club, thinks it’s a city that’s well worth a visit for any electric car owner.


Will is a money-saving expert who is now experiencing the cost-saving benefits of electric vehicles for himself. He runs http://10ways.com – a website with the sole intention to get young people to take care of their finances and think of money as a tool to improve their lives. Read on to see Will’s electric guide to Milton Keynes:


“Some people might not consider Milton Keynes a place they would love to visit but here’s why I think electric car owners should give it a go.


“Milton Keynes isn’t just full of roundabouts and concrete cows, we have a reliable set of rapid chargers next to tonnes of lovely walks, lakes, canals and pubs, and some interesting places to explore.”


“Here are a few things for electric car drivers (and anyone else visiting the city) to note:


  • 100 miles of charge costs around £3 (with Chargemaster Polar, free 6 months then £7.85 per month, + 9p/kw or instant access at £1.50 + 9p/kw). Driving the equivalent distance would cost £10 in petrol.
  • Free parking in the centre (shops/bars/hotels etc) when charging. Plenty of rapid chargers – even if it says it’s pay and display, if you’re charging it will be free. More info here.
  • Walks around Willen Lake, Ouzel Valley Park, Woughton on the Green, Woughton Park, Caldecotte Lake (with an outside gym), Campbell Park (outside summer events), Stony Stratford Nature Reserve and Furzton Lake are all good and they all have rapid chargers within walking distance. See a map of the parks here.
  • There are tons of bars, pubs and restaurants in the main city area. Lots of rapid and non-rapid chargers in the main area near shops/bars etc.
  • Bletchley Park and The National Museum of Computing are nearby (both awesome).
  • IKEA with an Ecotricity Rapid Charger + Ecotricity on the M1 nearby. Be warned that the place gets very busy at the weekend!
  • If you like cycling the whole city has dedicated cycle routes (not on the road) and you can go through all of the parks as well.
  • Airkix (indoor skydiving) and SnowZone (indoor ski/snowboarding and other activities) are worth a visit, just remember to shop around for deals first as they can be a tad expensive (and also very busy during peak times).
  • Gulliver’s Land for the kids (young kids only) has a rapid charger next door.”


You can see Will’s full blog on his site here. If you’re an electric car owner that would like to write a similar guide for your city, please get in touch! To plan your trip and find your nearest chargepoints, use our charging map here: https://www.goultralow.com/charging-your-electric-car/charging-point-map/

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Lightbulb moments: Why Paul went electric with the Renault ZOE

6th April 2016

Owners’ Club member Paul is not your average car owner – over the years he has built up a collection of nearly a hundred vehicles. But even someone with such an interest in the history of cars saw the benefit of going electric. Here’s what he had to say:


“For almost 20 years I’ve been collecting wartime vehicles.  I have a lot of traditional cars, a few odd balls and even a tank. But four years ago I took the plunge and bought my first electric car, a Renault Twizy. I was hooked almost straight away; I couldn’t believe how much fun it was to drive.


I enjoyed my Twizy so much that two years ago, I bought a Renault ZOE. I have done 36,000 miles in  it, all without any drama, and very cheaply! The low running costs are definitely a major benefit of these cars. It’s a great all-rounder – nimble and practical.


Electric car ownership has been simple for me, and I’m sure more and more people will make the switch.”


To see the full range of electric cars available and to book a test drive, go to www.goultralow.com/car-selector



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Wireless charging could make plugging in a thing of the past

1st April 2016

Go Ultra Low

Plugging in to top up your electric vehicle could eventually become a thing of the past, as the range of EVs increases and wireless charging technology takes over.


Insight revealed today from the UK’s Transport Research Laboratory (TRL) – in partnership with Go Ultra Low – predicts that, in years to come, battery-powered vehicles will have the ability to charge wirelessly while parked at home or at work. With improvements in battery technology resulting in ever-increasing range for electric cars, future EV drivers will be able to travel around for miles on end, and may never have to plug-in or fill up.

Wireless charging technology is progressing at a rapid rate. It’s now being used in smaller electronic devices like mobile phones, and is being trialled for buses and cars around the world.


TRL predicts that by 2025, the average range of an EV will have increased to around 300 miles meaning, by 2050, refuelling as we know it will no longer be needed.

To find out more about charging, head to https://www.goultralow.com/charging-your-electric-car/

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