Guest blog: An Electric Weekend by Penny Pulfrey

22nd December 2016

Well it was a different Friday, normally I finish earlier on a Friday to have coffee and cake with my Mummy friends but this Friday I was waiting for a special delivery.  An electric car for the weekend! A prize I received following a promotional day at work where we got to test drive different types of electric cars to encourage us to consider an electric car as an option in the future.

It arrived on the drive, a very shiny Volkswagen Passat GTE. I received instructions including how to charge the car using a charging station, or you could actually plug this car into a normal electric point, I know – amazing!

My first drive was to collect a cake from a friend where I discovered with delight that when you press the boot open it actually opens the boot automatically, perfect for shopping. And it has a very spacious boot.  Then it was time to collect my youngest daughter and her friend from school.  They were very excited about being in a new car and could not believe just how quiet the car was.  My daughter’s friend actually said ‘Penny the car is moving and it is not on’.

Then it was back into town to collect my oldest daughter from dance school, she was very impressed with the heated seats.

In fact the weekend continued to be a lot of small trips to swimming, dance school, visiting family and shopping, no long drives unfortunately but the car was an absolute pleasure to drive.

The car was easy to work out and great that it actually can charge the battery itself if you need it to.  A very spacious car for a family; easy to park with the use of camera technology and very fuel efficient which to be honest as I only did short journeys I used the electric option the majority of the time

Would I consider purchasing an electric car after my weekend? Well the answer is YES.  The majority of my driving away from work is short journeys and I think an electric car would be the most economical for these journeys and the greenest option for the environment.



To book a test drive in an electric car yourself, visit our car selector.

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Guest blog: Long distance trips in the Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV

16th December 2016

Roger made the switch to electric earlier this year, with the Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV. Here he shares his thoughts on the flexibility and benefits of going for a plug-in hybrid electric vehicle.


“I switched to the Outlander PHEV back in May of this year, mainly because of the BIK tax reduction and to take advantage of the Government’s Plug-in Car Grant that offers money off the upfront cost of the car.


“Many people believe that long distance driving isn’t feasible in an EV. The best thing about owning a plug-in hybrid is that they give you the best of both worlds. The electric mode is great when we’re doing shorter trips, but when we need to go further afield, the petrol engine kicks in.] This year we decided to go on two pretty long trips in our Outlander. The first was to Venice in August, we travelled through France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland and Italy – about 2,500 miles in just under three weeks. Then in mid-October we travelled to Berchtesgaden in Germany, via France and Belgium, and back again – around 2,000 miles.


“The driving experience is significantly different in the PHEV, but we love it! In particular, the silence makes it very refined.


“The fuel economy did vary on the journeys, but that’s to be expected in any car. We noticed that the Outlander would often regenerate 1-2 miles every half an hour or so, and when descending the mountains we used the regenerative braking capabilities to charge the battery up for an extra 8 miles.


“We love the benefits that come with a plug-in hybrid. Frankly we’d never go back now we have the benefits of both electric and petrol motoring in a single package. The ability to program the car to warm up on cold mornings via the app is a godsend, the extra space, the near silent running on battery – we’re never going back to only having an internal combustion engine!”


You can book a test drive with a plug-in hybrid, or fully electric, vehicle today using our car selector tool.

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People think electric vehicles will be a common sight in neighbourhoods of the future

5th December 2016

Ever wondered what your neighbourhood might look like in the future? We’ve recently released the results of our latest survey to see what features the public thought would be common sights in the not too distant future. Unsurprisingly, electric cars and chargepoints feature pretty high on the list.


Check out the top 10 most desired features for future neighbourhoods:


  1. ‘Positivity’ smart lamp posts using colourful hues to combat Seasonal Affective Disorder
  2. Electric car charge points on every house
  3. Locks on front doors which can be opened by fingerprint
  4. Water recycling capabilities
  5. Rainwater harvesting technology
  6. Outdoor solar powered charging stations
  7. Electric car sharing schemes
  8. Trees emitting Wi-Fi
  9. Fox proof bins
  10. Robotic gardeners


Looks like people hope there are lots of exciting technological developments on the way, but electric car chargepoints at home aren’t just something we’ll see in the future. There are already over 70,000 home chargers in the UK – unsurprising as charging provider data shows that around 90% of electric car charging takes place at home.


Our research also indicated that most people think they’ll be seeing more electric cars in their local area. Nearly three quarters said they expect electric vehicles to be the most common type of vehicle on residents’ driveways. Just over a quarter are also expecting hydrogen cars to be a more familiar fixture too.


If you haven’t already tried an electric car for yourself, you can book a test drive through our car selector tool here.

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