What is the best electric car for you?

26th January 2017

There is now a wide variety of electric cars on the market, and registrations are at record levels, with more UK motorists choosing to go electric than ever before. New figures reveal there are now over 87,000 plug-in cars on the road, and there is something to suit almost everyone.


EVs range from smaller hatchbacks such as the pure electric Renault ZOE, Kia Soul EV or Volkswagen e-Golf to larger vehicles like the Volkswagen Passat GTE or Audi Q7 e-tron. The Passat and Q7 e-tron are plug-in hybrid vehicles, meaning you get the best of both worlds. The electric motor is great for urban motoring, and if you need to go further afield, an efficient petrol or diesel engine will get you on your way.


The range of a pure electric car is more than enough for most people though, the average journey length in the UK is under 10 miles, and some have the capability to travel up to 250 miles on a single charge.


Owning an electric car does not mean you have to compromise on performance either. Electric vehicles benefit from immediate torque, giving them greater acceleration, and if you’re looking for something sportier in the higher price bracket, then it might be worth trying the BMW i8.


There are even electric vans on the market, such as the Renault Kangoo ZE or the Nissan e-NV200, so if you use a van for your business, you could be saving more on fuel and road tax by making the switch.


You can take a closer look at the cars available and book a test drive for yourself on our car selector tool here.

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2017 set to be landmark year for electric cars

13th January 2017

The future is bright for electric cars in 2017, as new figures released recently indicate that more than 100,000 plug-in cars could be on UK roads by the middle of this year. This prediction is fuelled by record numbers of electric car registrations in 2016, with volumes rising 29% on the previous 12 months. In fact, every quarter of 2016 produced year-on-year growth, with the total number of EVs on UK roads now at more than 87,000.


More and more UK drivers are becoming switched on to the cost-saving benefits and convenience of electric motoring, which resulted in 36,907 electric vehicles being registered between January and December last year, a number that’s set to grow this year.


The ever-increasing selection of electric cars available in the UK is another factor aiding the rise in the market. More than 35 plug-in models are available at the moment, which is four times the number on the market just five years ago.


Plug-in hybrids were particularly popular in 2016, as registrations rose by over 40%. Models such as the BMW 330e, Volkswagen Golf GTE and Audi A3 Sportback e-tron proved to be among the most in-demand.


Check out our car selector tool to find the right electric car for you and book a test drive.

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Maxwell Hutchinson on electric cars: could EV tech make us better neighbours?

4th January 2017

For our latest project, we worked with the acclaimed architect and former RIBA president, Maxwell Hutchinson, to discover the role that electric cars could play in the neighbourhoods of the future. Maxwell has seen homes and neighbourhoods evolve and change across the decades. He is also a keen eco-enthusiast and is excited about how new technology might affect our relationships as neighbours and change the landscape of the places we call home.


Our research investigated the features that the public most want to see in future neighbourhoods. ‘Positivity’ smart lamp posts came out top, with electric car chargepoints and electric car sharing schemes also placing highly on the list.


Maxwell and his wife tested the Toyota Mirai, a revolutionary vehicle powered by a hydrogen fuel cell, to experience one of the newest electric cars to hit British roads.


Maxwell says:


“I didn’t quite know what to expect from a hydrogen fuel cell car but the whole experience was exhilarating. Experiencing the Mirai is something that has to be felt, rather than described. The acceleration is very impressive and the ride is very relaxing.


Green technology that enriches our lives, such as electric vehicles, will fuel the neighbourhoods of the future. The UK’s first eco town is being developed in Oxfordshire, and others are on the horizon. Features of these cutting edge housing developments include electric car charge points for every house and electric car sharing schemes. These technologies will change the way we interact with our home environments and the people who live around us. In fact, Go Ultra Low’s research shows that sharing electric cars might even strengthen relationships between neighbours!”


To experience an electric car for yourself, you can book a test drive through our car selector tool.

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