Best Grass Paint -Reviewed by Experts

It is challenging to keep up a good lawn. It takes a lot of time, energy, and resources. And even if you labor and work nonstop for days on end, it might not be enough to yield the desired outcomes. Grass occasionally fails to remain as green as you’d like it to, turning dull and brown instead. The best grass paint is necessary if you love your lawn and want to keep it looking fresh and healthy.

The interesting thing about grass paint is that it isn’t even remotely harmful to your lawn or toxic. In fact, it’s safe for both humans and animals, so even if your dog takes a few bites of the grass, nothing bad should happen. If you want your lawn to look green all year long, these 10 best grass paints are perfect for you.

Best grass paint With Specifications

1. EnviroColor 4EG0032 851612002100 (1,000 Sq.Ft) 4Evergreen Grass & Turf Paint, Green

Features :

  • Great for dormant Bermuda grass & color for your lawn during a drought
  • Covers pet stains and disease spots
  • Easy to apply with any pump sprayer; for best results, paint entire grass area
  • Have a golf course green lawn all season long
  • Covers on average 1,000 square feet when used as directed

Additional Info :

Color Green
Item Dimensions
Height 7.75
Width 2.25
Length 5.25
Weight 2.5

2. Grass Paint Concentrate (500-1,000 sq ft) – for Dormant, Patchy or Faded Lawn – Lush Green Turf Colorant (32 fl oz)

Features :

  • TRANSFORM YOUR LAWN: Is your grass dead, dormant, or in need of a touch up? Even worse, are you facing drought and mandatory water restrictions? Introducing the all-in-one solution to your lawn problems. Our 4-step process to reclaiming the pride you once had in your lawn couldn’t be more simple. 1) Grab a bottle of our grass paint. 2) Mix with water. 3) Spray grass. 4) Let the lawn envy ensue.
  • SAFE FOR KIDS, PETS, AND PLANTS: Proudly made in the USA, our non-toxic formula has been developed with the safety of families (yes, even the furry four-legged members!) in mind.
  • NATURAL COLOR: A picture is worth a thousand words. And while we could tell you how our grass paint will transform your boring lawn into a big, green, envy machine… We’d rather just show you. Scroll through our pictures here on Amazon to see actual before and after photos from real customers just like you.
  • BIG BOTTLE, BIGGER COVERAGE: Our 32 fl. oz. container of ultra concentrated grass paint means you’ll get between 500-1,000 sq. ft. of coverage (varies depending on grass condition) that can last up to 100 days!
  • OUR EVERGREEN GUARANTEE: We understand trying new things can be tough, so let us take all of the risk for you! Buy it, try it, and if you aren’t absolutely thrilled with the results you get from using our product simply contact us within 30 days of purchase and we’ll give you a full refund.

Additional Info :

Item Dimensions
Height 0
Width 0
Length 0

3. Dog Spot Repair Grass Paint, Pre-Mixed & Ready to Spray – Covers Brown Burn Patches on Lawn (32 fl oz)

Features :

  • SOLUTION TO UGLY DOG SPOTS – Love your pet, but dislike those brown burn spots they leave in the yard? Our pre-mixed grass paint is designed to quickly and effectively cover up these spots.
  • READY TO GO WHEN YOU ARE – Covering up brown spots has never been easier. Gone are the days where you have to mix your concentrate and water together in a gallon sprayer only to spray a few small areas, now your job can be over in 2 minutes flat! Covers roughly 50-75 sq ft (varies depending on grass condition).
  • SAFE FOR KIDS, PETS, AND PLANTS – Proudly made in the USA, our proprietary formula was developed with the safety of your family in mind.
  • NATURAL COLOR – Dog Spot Repair produces a lush green hue that matches a variety grass types and lawns, so you can rest easy.
  • FOR SPOT TREATMENTS – This product is designed for touch ups, not to cover your whole lawn. For complete lawn green up, opt for our Grass Paint Concentrate instead.

4. PetraTools Grass Paint Max Strength, Green Grass Lawn Spray & Dog Spot Repair, Lawn Paint, Spray on Grass, Green Lawn Spray, Grass Paint for Lawn, Lawn Spray Paint, Green Dye for Lawn (32 Oz)

Features :

  • VIBRANT GREEN LAWN: Our best-selling PetraTools Green Grass Paint is now 30% more concentrated. Using proprietary pigment technology, this grass paint max formula effectively transforms brown or yellowish lawns & turf into a lively green finish. This formula is intended for dormant, dry or dead grass areas and not for dog urine spot treatment (check out PetraTools ready-to-use grass spray repair for urine spots).
  • LONG-LASTING FORMULA: PetraTools Grass Paint Max Strength turf paint is designed to last for months. Now, this easy-to-use formula is even more concentrated to deliver best results and give the best value for your money.
  • SAFE FOR THE LAWN & LOVED ONES: Our green lawn paint is made with 100% safe all-natural ingredients that are pet- and environment-friendly. This product is formulated with your safety well-being in mind. Achieve great results without worry that dries quickly and doesn’t fade from rain
  • SUPER EASY APPLICATION: This lawn paint green spray is easy to prepare. For touch-ups, mix 1 part of the solution with 10 parts of water. For dormant or dead grass, the dilution rate can be increased depending upon the desired color. Spray on damaged and dry spots, and repeat as necessary. The lawn paint will blend into your grass quickly. It is non-toxic and safe for kids and pets to play on too!
  • American Family-Owned Company & USA Support: PetraTools is a USA-based company located in Carlisle, Pennsylvania. All PetraTools products have a 100% satisfaction guarantee and excellent USA customer service members waiting by the phones to answer any questions you may have. PetraTools continues to work hard to deliver top-quality sprayers & solutions to keep your home, lawn, and places of business clean, green, and safe.

Additional Info :

Item Dimensions
Weight 2

5. Seymour 20-602 Grass and Shrub Renew Spray Paint, Pristine Green (17 oz.)

Features :

  • Fast drying marking paint
  • Cover up Brown spots while still allowing the existing foliage to grow
  • Will not harm plant or grass
  • Does not wash away with rain or irrigation

Additional Info :

Color Pristine Green
Item Dimensions
Height 9.25
Width 2.25
Length 9.5
Weight 1.3

6. Lawnlift Pre-Mixed Grass Paint 32 Ounce Ready to Spray, No Mixing, 32 oz., Green

Features :

  • Instantly transforms brown spots to green
  • Covers up to 100 square feet per bottle
  • Assembly not required
  • Made in United States

Additional Info :

Color Green
Item Dimensions
Height 12
Width 3
Length 3
Weight 2.06

7. Concentrated Turf and Grass Colorant – 1 Gallon Jug Revitalizes Approximately 5,000 to 10,000 Sq. Ft of Dormant, Drought-Stricken or Patchy Lawn (Premium)

Features :

  • ENDURANT PREMIUM is our “happy medium” between Perennial Rye and Fairway. Often referred to as Super Green, this eye-popping, lively colorant brings the thickest lawns and tallest grasses to vibrant life.
  • REVITALIZE DORMANT GRASS on large lawns, athletic fields or commercial landscaping with Endurant Turf Colorant. Mixed 8 oz to 1 gallon of water, this 1-gallon bottle treats approximately 5,000 to 10,000 sq. ft of grass.
  • ECO-FRIENDLY AND ORGANIC Endurant Turf Colorants transform brown, dead-looking grass into beautiful landscapes even during dormant seasons. Non-toxic to pets, it is ideal for restoring urine-damaged lawns.
  • APPLIES EASILY to small and average size lawns with a garden sprayer. For large applications, a backpack sprayer may be used. We suggest a conical fine mist to reduce waste and promote even coverage.
  • LASTS UP TO 3 MONTHS depending on growth rate, mowing frequency and weather. Endurant Turf Colorant dries in about 60 minutes. To prevent tracking, we recommend waiting 2 hours before walking on grass.

Additional Info :

Color Medium Green
Item Dimensions
Height 12
Width 6
Length 6.2
Weight 10

8. Lawnlift Ultra Concentrated (Green) Grass Paint 64oz. Covers up to 2000 sq feet* Coverage Will Vary depending on Condition of Grass, Sprayer Setting, Dilution Ratio and Desired Shade.

Features :

  • Ultra Concentrated!
  • Non Toxic… Safe for Children and Pets!
  • Made in the USA
  • Does not affect future growth!
  • Lasts up to 90 Days!

Additional Info :

Color Green
Item Dimensions
Height 9
Width 5
Length 3.5

9. Covington Green Grass Paint for Lawn – Green Lawn Paint Grass Spray – Perfect Color Fix for Dog Urine Spots or Brown Patches – Green Grass Spray Paint for Lawn & Turf – Concentrate – (32 fl. oz.)

Features :

  • ✔️ REVAMP DULL GRASS: Covington’s green grass spray is specially formulated to bring your lawn back to it’s natural, vibrant color. Our non-toxic blend is key in covering up those pesky brown spots created by a drought or our four legged friends. Cover up dog urine and other dead spots with our grass paint for lawn.
  • ✔️ KID AND PET FRIENDLY: Our green grass spray is non-toxic and proudly made in the USA. Our lawn paint is tested with you, your families, and your fur babies in mind. Our green grass spray paint for lawn is water based and quick drying. Make your yard the envy of every neighbor without worrying about harming children or pets and being environmentally responsible.
  • ✔️ EASY TO USE: With our easy to use green grass spray, you simply mix our concentrate with water and spray on. By mixing our concentrate, you get more bang for your buck! Our grass spray paint helps lift unwanted brown spots and starts working within minutes. Simply mix and spray on the area you are wanting to revitalize, and watch your lawn turn lush and vibrant before your eyes!
  • ✔️ RESTORE NATURAL COLOR: Our easy to use lawn spray paint can help restore the natural color of almost any lawn. We have formulated our lawn paint to match almost any grass and handle almost any type of lawn condition. From residential lawns, high school sports fields, all the way to professional fields our liquid lawn paint helps keep grass looking green and lush, no matter the weather conditions!
  • ✔️ 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: We are so confident you will love our green lawn paint, we offer a 100% money back guarantee if you aren’t completely satisfied. Start making your neighbors GREEN with envy! Order Covington’s green grass paint for your lawn today!

10. PetraTools Grass Paint for Pets, Ready-to-Use Green Grass Lawn Spray & Dog Spot Grass Repair & Grass Paint for Lawn, Lawn Paint Leak-Proof Bottle with 64oz Green Grass Spray for Lawn & Turf Paint

Features :

  • BRAND NEW LEAK-PROOF BOTTLE INCLUDED: With this order, you receive our all-new 16oz leak-proof spray bottle (empty) that has a smooth mister for even coverage and a 64oz bottle of our lawn paint green spray that is ready to use so there’s no need to mix & measure. Just shake the 64oz bottle well, pour it into the included mister bottle, and you’re good to spray! Repeat as necessary to get the desired color.
  • YELLOW TO GREEN IN SECONDS: Treat brown or yellowish spots caused by dog urine using PetraTools ready-to-use grass paint and cover damaged areas using a proprietary pigment technology that gives a vibrant green color—applicable for all grass types.
  • QUICK-DRYING & LONG-LASTING: Our green grass lawn spray is designed to dry quickly within minutes and will last for several weeks up to months, you’ll get rid of ugly yellow & brown spots in your turf with just a few easy applications!
  • GENTLE ON THE GRASS & PETS: Your pet-friendly and safe-for-the-environment grass paint for lawn is made from 100% safe, all-natural ingredients. It will keep your lawn looking beautiful without the worry of using harsh and corrosive chemicals.
  • American Family-Owned Company & USA Support: PetraTools is a USA-based company located in Carlisle, Pennsylvania. All PetraTools products have a 100% satisfaction guarantee and excellent USA customer service members waiting by the phones to answer any questions you may have. PetraTools continues to work hard to deliver top-quality sprayers & solutions to keep your home, lawn, and places of business clean, green, and safe.

Additional Info :

Why is it important to have grass paint?

Keeps your lawn looking healthy

For many homeowners, grass paint is an easy solution because it can keep the grass looking healthy even if it is actually brown in color. If applied properly, the paint conceals all signs of aging and remains intact even after being washed or exposed to moisture from the rain. The majority of homeowners use grass paint in this manner as a short-term fix for brown grass.

Although it may appear to do so, grass paint does not actually improve the health of the grass. In fact, it’s likely that the paint’s color doesn’t exactly match the color of the grass; all it does is make it appear green. Consequently, rather than acting as a long-term fix, grass paint is best used to conceal brown spots.

Cheaper than replacing or regrowing grass

You therefore occasionally notice a few brown patches on your lawn. If you know that the grass will eventually turn green again, covering the spots with grass paint rather than replacing the entire lawn will likely be much less expensive. Additionally, you’ll avoid spending a great deal of time and energy replacing or regrowing grass.

Even if you take the time and effort to replace or regrowth grass, there is still a chance that it will turn brown again. Grass paint can help you temporarily solve the issue; however, once it has worn off, and you notice that the grass hasn’t grown, you should look into other, more long-term solutions.

Tips When Using Grass Paint

Apply it evenly

Even though grass paint is non-toxic and does not prevent grass from growing, it is still paint. As a result, you must be careful when using the formula because a lawn that has been applied incorrectly will look uneven. For instance, the lawn might appear lovely and green from one angle, but when viewed from another, the brown spots will be visible.

Try evenly spreading grass paint to address this. Work your way across the lawn starting in one direction, making sure to cover the entire side of that side. When you’re finished, switch to the other side and finish covering. This should enable you to paint the grass evenly and make it appear green from all sides.

Reach the roots

It can be tempting just to spray the top layer of grass paint and call it finished when using grass paint. However, this can be problematic because it doesn’t paint the grass’s roots or lower portions. Even though you added a layer of green to the top, this will make the grass appear unhealthy.

You must paint your grass down to the roots if you want to ensure that it looks healthy once more. Because of this, you won’t be able to cover as much lawn, but at least you’ll be able to ensure that the painted area looks brand new.

Cover your fences and nearby furniture before spraying

Finally, it’s important to remember that grass paint can leave stains on your skin, clothing, and furniture. It will be difficult to get rid of once it is on your skin, but once it is on your favorite shirt or a brand-new fence, it will be even more difficult. It is advised that you take extra precautions to guarantee that only the grass gets painted to avoid accidents.

Simply dressing in used and soiled clothing ought to be sufficient. If you can, keep your furniture away from the grass by placing it far from the ground. The best you can do for larger pieces of furniture and/or your fences is to cover up as much as possible, or at the very least, the area closest to the grass. With disposable materials like newspapers, you can cover it.

Types of Grass Paints


Concentrates are the most common form in which grass paint products are sold. This has two benefits. First, you can store many products in a small, convenient bottle, saving space. Second, it costs less than using spray paints because you get gallons of product for the price of a single bottle of spray paint. The only drawback is that you must prepare the solution first before using it, and you’ll need a pump sprayer to apply the mixture evenly over your lawn.

Spray paints

The more practical choice over concentrates is spray paint. It can be used right away and whenever you want, and since it can be applied using the can, you don’t need any special equipment to spray the formula. Although it costs more than concentrates, it works better when used to cover individual brown patches of grass rather than a larger area.

Grass Paint Buying Guide

Blended Colors

If you want the paint to blend in with your lawn, that is one of the most crucial things to consider. An average homeowner prefers to have his yard and plants painted in the same color as his paint.


Additionally, it is important to consider how long the paint will last. So as to avoid the inconvenience of constant spraying, the paint should last for several months. In addition, don’t worry about the paint wearing off over time.


Most lawn paints can cover a home lawn. You should have enough product to complete the task and it should not depart half-dyed.

All-natural and organic

The lawn paint should have a non-toxic, safe, and environmentally friendly formula for people, animals, and the environment. Furthermore, the plants should not be hindered from growing naturally.

Money Well Spent

To choose the right product, homeowners should weigh its efficiency against its cost. In addition to serving its purpose, a good product should also be reasonably priced. The system should also be capable of minimizing the cost of fertilizer and water.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is the safety of grass paint?

Definitely. Some brands claim their products are non-toxic, pet-friendly, and safe to use. Grass doesn’t grow faster either.

How Does Grass Paint Work?

The color of dormant grass is improved with grass paint, which is non-toxic. Grass painting has more to do with utility than aesthetics. During the winter, you can paint grass to help it survive. Regular paint also isn’t used for grass painting. Lawns benefit from its formulation.

Lawn paint lasts how long?

Most brands will last between two and four months, depending on how quickly your lawn grows and how often you mow it.

Why Should You Use Grass Paint?

The most significant benefit of grass paint is that it transforms a drab and lifeless lawn into a lush, green expanse. Cost savings are another benefit. The high price of water and water restrictions make grass paint an excellent investment.

Can lawn paint be applied with any materials?

Grass paint, water, and a sprayer are all you need. At least one gallon of water should be in a garden sprayer. A backpack sprayer will be necessary for larger areas.

When I paint, does it rain?

The weather forecast should be checked before applying grass paint to avoid applying it during severe weather conditions. Rain won’t make the paint wash off once it has dried.

While painting the lawn, what precautions should be taken?

Protective eyewear, working clothes, and an air mask are all essential when applying lawn paint. To get rid of accidental overspray, you will need both water and soap. Additionally, you may need to cover your pavement with protective material to keep the pain from spreading elsewhere.

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