Best Handball Gloves -Reviewed by Experts

The best handball gloves are essential for a successful game. They provide protection to the hands and fingers, while also keeping them dry so you can have a better grip on the ball. There are many different types of gloves with features that offer different benefits. For example, some gloves come with an extra layer of padding to help keep your knuckles safe from injury if you accidentally hit them on the wall during play.

Others feature synthetic leather or silicone for enhanced gripping power and durability. Regardless of what type of glove you choose, it’s important to find one that fits well so your movements aren’t restricted during gameplay. We’ve selected our listed 10 best handball gloves after extensive research and designed a buying guide to help you pick the best option.

Best handball gloves With Specifications

1. Owen Handball Gloves (Black, Large)

Features :

  • Unpadded handball gloves designed for superior moisture control, grip, protection, and durability
  • Absorbent wrist band keeps sweat away from your hands and off the ball.
  • Premium leather with a 3/4″ strap for extra holding power
  • Strategically placed wrist strap increases range of motion, wrist snap, and ultimately power
  • Thick, premium deerskin palm for ultimate protection

Additional Info :

Color Black

2. Lumintrail Shock-Absorbing Riding Full Finger Cycling Bike Gloves Breathable Sport for Men and Women (Red, Small)

Features :

  • Strategically placed padded palm protection helps to absorb shock from road vibration and relieves hand fatigue.
  • Breathable elastic mesh fabric keeps your hands cool and sweat free while retaining mobility and dexterity
  • Hook-and-loop closure for a secure fit, Soft cloth on thumbs for wiping away sweat
  • Reinforced thumb grip area for durability and strength
  • Small: 7.0 – 7.5″; Medium: 7.5 – 8.0″; Large: 8.0 – 8.5″; X-Large: 8.5 – 9.0+”

Additional Info :

Color Red

3. Python Deluxe Handball Glove (Pair) (Padded) (w/Strap) (Large)

Features :

  • Thickest Pad in Handball!
  • Hollow fiber shock absorbing deerskin.
  • Adjustable hook and loop strap closure.
  • Extended top for wrist protection.
  • Bench cut for perfect fit.

Additional Info :

4. Owen Handball Gloves White/Black (Size S, M, L or XL) (L) [Apparel]

Features :

  • Unpadded handball gloves
  • Premium leather construction and wrist strip
  • White/black trim
  • Available in S, M, L, or XL
  • International shipping available

Additional Info :

Color White/Black
Item Dimensions
Height 0.98
Width 5
Length 11.81
Weight 0.2

5. 3 Pairs Kids Half Finger Gloves Sport Gloves Non-Slip Gel Gloves for Children Cycling Riding Biking (5 – 8 Years)

Features :

  • Quality craftsmanship: made of quality fabric, delicate machine stitched, soft and breathable, stretch and lightweight, fine workmanship with heavy-duty double stitching and leather patchwork on finger ending for durable use
  • Non-skid design: our kids half finger gloves feature in non-slip gel design in the palm to enhance abrasion performance, provide a much better grip than traditional leather palm gloves, prevent hand injuries
  • Extensive usages: these kids gloves can be worn for outdoor driving, cycling, riding, fishing, golfing, fishing, hiking, motorcycling, gear to keep your hands dry and comfort, or you can send it to your children as a sweet gift
  • Adjustable size: come with adjustable strap with hook and loop closure, entrench wrists better when activities, several sizes for your choice
  • Package includes: you will receive 3 pairs of unisex kids half finger gloves in different colors, please view the product description carefully before purchase

Additional Info :

Color Black/Blue

6. BIONIC Men’s SRG Fitness Gloves, Large,Black

Features :

  • PREVENT FATIGUE AND INCREASE STRENGTH – This premium fitness glove boasts a strategic pad on the palm for extra support and lifespan. This pad offers more strength in one of the most common places where other gloves fail.
  • GET THE PERFECT GRIP – PATENTED DESIGN – The Bionic Glove pre-rotated finger design adapts to your hand’s natural curving motion. This patented design gives you a more effortless and comfortable grip that allows you to power through any workout.
  • DON’T SWEAT IT – PERSPIRATION MANAGEMNET – Wipe away sweat with the Polytowel thumb and reach your goal. The terrycloth pads insides the gloves are strategically placed in high risk areas to manage your perspiration. Machine wash no bleach, air dry.
  • STAY FRESH – Unique microbial treatment fights odor so you can stay fresher longer.

Additional Info :

Color Black
Item Dimensions
Height 1.25
Width 4.5
Length 7
Weight 0.6

7. Python Deluxe Handball Glove (Pair) (Unpadded) (w/Strap) (Large)

Features :

  • Hollow fiber shock absorbing deerskin.
  • Adjustable hook and loop strap closure.
  • Extended top for wrist protection.
  • Bench cut for perfect fit.
  • Lightweight haircell back for comfort.

Additional Info :

8. Python Xtreme Handball Glove (Pair) (Unpadded) (w/Strap) (Medium)

Features :

  • Hollow fiber shock absorbing deerskin.
  • Adjustable hook and loop strap closure.
  • Extended top for wrist protection.
  • Bench cut for perfect fit.
  • Spandex backing for snug palm fit.

Additional Info :

Item Dimensions
Weight 0.51

9. SIMARI Workout Gloves Weight Lifting Gym Cycling Gloves with Wrist Wrap Support for Men Women, Full Palm Protection, for Weightlifting, Bike, Training, Fitness, Exercise Hanging, Pull ups SG907

Features :

  • 【Palm Protection】SIMARI Workout Gloves with a high-density sponge Pad cover the whole palms, which can buffer the impact of fitness equipment, maintain a soft comfort feel, protect your hands and your fingers from calluses and blisters, and effectively reduce stress during gym training.
  • 【Ventilated & Comfort】Made of lightweight and breathable elastic fabrics, the exercise gloves can circulate and disperse heat, making perfect breathability and freedom during the workout. SIMARI weight lifting gloves have great flexibility, breathability, comfort, and fit. PERFECT FIT for Weightlifting, Exercise, Fitness, Gym Training, Bicycle and General Workout. The short wristband is suitable for wearing a fitness watch to detect your sports conditions.
  • 【Extra Grip & Adjustable Wrist】Attached with anti-slip silica gel on palm, provide a stronger grip, ease hands numbness and prevent wrists from hurting. Designed with an adjustable wrist wraps straps, the SIMARI work out gloves provide the possibility to adjust personal comfort. The great anti-slip palm design is perfect for most fitness in the gym or at home, and the nice cushion ability can also be used in cycling.
  • 【Durable & Convenient】Made of Microfiber materials, which is a high-quality material that has excellent abrasion resistance and high colorfastness. The pull buckles on the fingertips make the weightlifting gloves easily take off, and the soft terry cloth on the thumb allows you to wipe away sweat after intense workouts. Every design is to bring convenience to fitness lovers.
  • 【Muti Application】The SIMARI Sport Gloves are ideal for men and women for weight lifting, gym training, lifting, exercise, bike, biking, pull ups, dumbbells, deadlift, riding, and rowing. And you can use them as support gloves, training grips, gym weights equipment, bar weights for women men, with the aerobics ball, doing cross-training, and General workouts.

Additional Info :

Color Iron Black
Item Dimensions
Weight 0.19

10. YHT Workout Gloves, Full Palm Protection & Extra Grip, Gym Gloves for Weight Lifting, Training, Fitness, Exercise (Men & Women)

Features :

  • Shock-absorbing elastic 15mm foam padding on the palms,helps to cut down road vibration and relieve hand fatigue,provide a comfortable fit for long rides
  • Lycra (upper) material : stretchable and breathable,conforms to the hand’s shape and keep your hands cool
  • Light and soft, so it feels natural and comfortable fit
  • Towel cloth on the thumb helps to wipe sweat

Additional Info :

Color Black
Item Dimensions
Weight 0.13

Things to Consider Before Buying the Best Handball Gloves

Learn as much as you can about a product before purchasing it. You run the risk of being misled otherwise. Because if you don’t have a lot of knowledge about a certain product, you have a greater chance of making a mistake when you’re buying that product. In a market where many brands of lower-quality best handball gloves dominate, it is unrealistic to expect to purchase high-quality Handball Gloves if you have less knowledge about the sport.

It should come as no surprise that having access to a reliable buying guide can give you an advantage in today’s cutthroat market. This article will provide you with a comprehensive buying guide on the best handball gloves, which will assist you in gaining additional knowledge on Handball Gloves and selecting the best handball gloves currently available.

The following characteristics are ones that the best handball gloves should have. Let’s have a conversation about them.


Try to find out what material the handball gloves are made of before you buy them. It’s common knowledge that the radio’s dependability is directly correlated to the materials used in its construction. In addition, the dependability of the handball gloves will increase in proportion to the durability of the material that was used to make them. You need to make sure that the construction material you buy is durable enough to withstand rough and tough treatment if you want it to serve you well as a customer.

One more time, the reality is that you won’t frequently purchase the same product because it requires a significant investment of money. In situations like this, people tend to become frustrated. Choose the appropriate material, as a result, to save yourself the trouble of continually purchasing the same product.


Padding is another aspect to consider. Players who play first or third base may also require additional padding to protect their hands. Pitchers’ gloves often come with padding to protect their hands. First-base gloves have more padding than third-base ones. More and more infielders are wearing wrist padding, especially at corner positions.

Product info

Among the many materials that gloves can be made from are leather, synthetic materials, mesh, and treated leather. The durability and comfort of leather make it the preferred material for players. Players can use leather gloves that have been preconditioned with oils to reduce the break-in period. Many people prefer lighter gloves with mesh backing. Synthetic gloves are appropriate for younger players. There is the no lighter and less expensive glove on the market.

Brand Value

The quality of the product is what differentiates branded products from those that are not branded. Products with a brand name tend to have a longer lifespan than those without, which can be as little as a few months. However, the price of branded products is typically higher than the price of non-branded products. However, if you are a savvy consumer, you should give branded products the advantage over non-branded alternatives whenever possible.


Always valued and preferred is a pair of handball gloves that come with a variety of features. When there are more features, usability increases. In spite of this, there are a few aspects of a best handball gloves that you can disregard if they aren’t particularly important to you.

To put it another way, you need to zero in on the primary distinctions that exist between a high-quality pair of handball gloves and a subpar pair of gloves.

Customer Feedback

The customer is the true master in any business. It is imperative that you do not forget that the basis of a customer review is consumption. The reviews and ratings left by customers are a great way to get an idea of a product’s overall quality. Check out what other people say about a product before you buy it, especially something as important as the best handball gloves. If the result is favorable, you will be able to proceed with the transaction.


Price is one of the primary motivating factors influencing most customers’ decisions regarding whether or not to purchase a product. The highest possible quality item is something that many people strive to acquire, regardless of the cost. In contrast, others focus on acquiring the item in question at a more affordable price. The question that arises now is, specifically, what kind of consumer are you? We advise you to start by becoming familiar with your financial plan. Then you should purchase a pair of handball gloves that meets your requirements and your financial constraints.

Frequently Asked Questions

Playing handball is what it’s all about, right?

Handball is a competitive sport in which the ball is hit by either the hands or the fists.

Every rally’s main objective is to force the other team not to play the ball anymore by serving or returning it. The rally is won when the opponent’s shot cannot be returned before it touches the floor twice, or if their shot touches the floor first.

Is there an instructional handball website?

The magazine’s every issue features a handball instruction. Handball Magazine is available online for USHA members. For access to the members area, please click here. In our web store, you can also find instructional books.

Tours for professionals are there?

Race4Eight Pro Handball Tour, which began in 2011, is brought to you by the World Players of Handball, Simple Green, and sponsors. In Race4Eight, players earn points by stopping at different locations. Following the final stop, the top eight finishers have earned their invitations to The Player’s Championship. Watch the R48Pro Tour LIVE on ESPN3 and the WatchESPN App. The event now also offers elite divisions for seniors and women.

Aren’t lensless eye guards available to you?

Professional testing evidence proves that there will be no obstruction to the ball passing through lensless eye guards and possibly causing injury. Even though they were wearing lensless eye guards, two players were taken to the hospital after being hit in the eye with a handball at the USHA 3-Wall National Handball Championships. Learn about the latest study related to handball’s protective eyewear.

Differences between Edge, Elite and 21 Rollout Gear gloves can be found in what part of the glove?

We’ve created the Edge Glove, which features an unpadded seamless palm, spandex between the fingers for comfort, and a high-tech mesh backing with mesh vents. These premium handball gloves will make your game a lot more enjoyable when you wear them.

A tab enclosure is included with 21 Rollout Gear gloves. The Rollout Gear handball glove looks great with spandex vents and thin leather.


Best handball gloves are a must-have for any athlete who wants to play the game at their highest level. A good pair of handball gloves will protect your hands and fingers, making it easier to grip the ball more securely. They also provide padding so that you can take shots without worrying about dislocating or breaking your wrists.

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