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Finding the best king pin stabilizer can be difficult. Usually, the top results are just part of a paid advertisement. So how do you find the best products out there?  If you want to find the top king pin stabilizer for your needs, then let us help. We scour the web for the best products on the market, so you don’t have to worry about wasting time or money on subpar items. We have studied a lot of products, and we’ve found ten of them stand above all the rest.

We have examined each king pin stabilizer according to key features and have produced a review that we hope you’ll find useful. So without further ado, let’s get into our top picks for the best king pin stabilizer.

10 Best king pin stabilizer: Editor’s Choice List

Best king pin stabilizer With Buying Guide

We sorted through the top-rated king pin stabilizer available online, selected the top options and analyzed them to help you decide which one best fits your requirements. We created an extensive testing plan and graded each king pin stabilizer on how well they executed each task.

Before kicking off our analysis, we made a list of the most redeeming qualities of an king pin stabilizer and used those elements to formulate our test plan. We researched to evaluate the competition on different metrics. The overall top-scoring models have the best balance of these qualities.

These are the metrics we use in our research:

  • Quality of the king pin stabilizer
  • Useful features and advanced features
  • Designs of every product
  • Materials used to build
  • Comparative price analysis
  • Value for the cost
  • The durability of the king pin stabilizer
  • User-friendliness of the product
  • Functionality of king pin stabilizer
  • The versatility of the king pin stabilizer
  • Warranty and return policy
  • Size and weight of the product
  • Customer service, and more.

1. Camco Eaz-Lift 5th Wheel King Pin Tripod Stabilizer, Adjustable from 39 to 53 Inches (48855)

Features :

  • Tripod Stabilizer: RV wheel stabilizer is designed to support the overhang at the front of your trailer, preventing it from rocking side to side or front to back while you move around inside
  • How to Adjust: Make major height adjustments by simply moving the adjustable foot pads inward or outward; make minor adjustments at the screw level with the provided stabilizing adjusting lever
  • Compatible with: Use with 5th wheels whose coaches have a kingpin height of 39 inches to 53 inches; 5th wheel tripod stabilizer features a tripod construction for easy set-up and concave pads for multiple heights with 5000lb load capacity
  • Set Includes: 5th wheel stabilizer comes with one hitch cup, a chain with quick link, three bottom pads, three sets of locking nuts and bolts, one top connector with three leg assembly, and one adjusting rod
  • Quality Products: Camco makes quality products for RVing, boating, camping, towing, tailgating, and grilling that help take your passion for the outdoors to the next level

Additional Info :

Item Dimensions
Height 7
Width 7
Length 49
Weight 100
Release Date 2015-06-09T00:00:01Z

2. BAL 25066 FastJack King Pin Stabilizer, 40″ – 60″

Features :

  • Stabilizer adjusts from 40″ – 60″
  • Rust inhibitive finish
  • Large base pads provide firm footing
  • Padlock included

Additional Info :

Color 0
Item Dimensions
Height 8
Width 8
Length 41
Weight 16
Release Date 2013-03-19T00:00:01Z

3. Dumble 5th Wheel Tripod Stabilizer Gooseneck Trailer Jack – 5000lb Cap Adjustable RV Jack Stabilizer RV King Pin Tripod

Features :

  • [Reduce Movement in Your Mobile Home]: Whether camping for the weekend or living the full-timer life, the Dumble RV Supplies Heavy Duty RV Stabilizer Jacks will minimize front-to-back and side-to-side motion so you can enjoy your everyday activities discreetly
  • [Physics At Work]: Align gooseneck camper stabilizer jacks under the king pin of your camper or motorhome to lift the front end of your trailer and adjust the center of gravity; 5,000-pound (2.5ton) weight capacity adds support and enhances stability
  • [Built to Last]: Steel RV fifth wheel tripod stabilizer jack is powder-coated to resist elements and provide optimal durability; Zinc-plated chain keeps RV stand legs aligned for optimal strength and reliability
  • [Fits Your Needs]: 4.5-inch (11.4cm) tall cup has a 3-inch (7.6cm) internal diameter to fit the king pin on your travel trailer, camper, boat, and mobile home; Threaded bar makes it easy to adjust the cup height
  • [Adjust and Store Easily]: King pin 5th wheel stabilizer jacks adjust to heights between 39 and 57 inches (99.1 x 144.8cm); When not in use, adjustable tripod folds to 7-inch (17.8cm) diameter for easy storage

Additional Info :

Item Dimensions
Height 7.4015747956
Width 48.90157475327
Length 6.79921259149

4. UF Ultra-Fab Products 19-950001 Steel King Pin Tripod Stabilizer

Features :

  • Rock solid, stabilizes even the heaviest trailer and Stabilizes front-to-back and side-to-side
  • Unique design brings the stabilizer to the king pin
  • 5″ x 5.5″ footpads to combat sinking and tilting
  • Adjustable hitch cup for fine tune adjustment with heavy duty steel construction
  • Weighs just 23 pounds, Adjustable from 37″ to 50″, Padlock included.NOTE : Customers that have a 5th Wheel Sliding Hitch must remove the contact plate on the hitch pin before using the tripod to stabilize the 5th Wheel RV
  • Now you can stabilize even the heaviest fifth wheel trailer for front-to-back and side-to-side motion; Once in place, it’s rock solid; The Kingpin Tripod is easy to use and sets up in less than a minute
  • It features an adjustable threaded hitch cup for quick and effortless stabilizing adjustment
  • Plus, the tripod’s base footpads are a full 5″ X 5-1/2″ to combat against sinking and tilting
  • Weighs just 23 pounds, adjustable form 42″ to 50″ and supports up to 5,000 pounds
  • Manufactures Lifetime Warranty

Additional Info :

Color Black
Item Dimensions
Height 6
Width 6
Length 54
Weight 23
Release Date 2014-11-26T00:00:01Z

5. A-KARCK King Pin Adjustable Tripod 5th Wheel Stabilizer, Fifth Stabilizer Tripod Jack with 5000 lbs Load, Reduce Side-to-Side Movement of RV

Features :

  • Function – Designed for 5th wheel trailers, RVs. Increase the stability of the RV and reduce the front-to-back and side-to-side motion.
  • Heavy Duty – Maximum vertical load is 5000 pounds. The stabilizer is used in conjunction with the support jacks to obtain a comfortable living space.
  • Easy Installation – Set up in a few minutes. Adjustable from 35″ to 55″, use the provided adjustment lever for minor adjustments.
  • Sturdy Structure – With black coating, all steel structure. Both beautiful appearance and strong strength.

Additional Info :

Color Black
Item Dimensions
Height 5.2
Width 5.9
Length 47.2

6. Camco 57391 Olympian King Pin 5th Wheel Stabilizer

Features :

  • Adds stability to the front of your 5th wheel
  • Designed for use with a 5th wheel trailer
  • Move foot pads for major adjustments; use screw lever for minor adjustments
  • 5000 lb load capacity
  • Assemble from 53″ to 38.5″

Additional Info :

Item Dimensions
Height 7
Width 26.96
Length 49
Weight 25
Release Date 2005-10-19T00:00:01Z

7. Ultra-Fab Products (19-950200) Aluminum Adjustable Fifth Wheel Tripod Stabilizer

Features :

  • All the same solid features of the King Pin Tripod but with ultra lightweight aluminum construction.
  • Features a collapsible adjustment handle plus standard padlock security feature.
  • Weighs approximately 1/2 of steel version.
  • Ultra light weight aluminum.
  • Weight capacity: 800 lbs.
  • The aluminum tripod weighs just 16 lbs., compared to 36 lbs. for the steel model
  • The aluminum one has a collapsible handle and is rated for 1200 lbs. vs 1800 lbs. on the steel model

Additional Info :

Color Silver
Item Dimensions
Height 6
Width 6
Length 54
Weight 17.75
Release Date 2016-03-01T00:00:01Z

8. BAL -146.1058 25037 Gooseneck Tripod Stabilizing Jack

Features :

  • Provides full side to side frame overhang stability and added front to rear stability
  • Sets up in seconds
  • Combines light weight and portability with high strength
  • includes large diameter base pads with heavy duty chain and hooks, and gooseneck adapter

Additional Info :

Item Dimensions
Height 7.5
Width 4
Length 44
Weight 1

9. BAL R.V. Products Group 21100000 Tripod FASTJACK

Features :

  • Light weight yet sturdy design (23 lbs.)
  • Slips onto trailer’s pin and uses gravity to assist in setup
  • Full adjustability on each leg using ratchet system
  • New Hybrid design – Aluminum/Steel
  • Made in USA
  • Fit type: Universal Fit

Additional Info :

Color Silver
Item Dimensions
Height 10
Width 10
Length 46
Weight 1
Release Date 2016-03-01T00:00:01Z

10. Husky 75203 Adjustable Locking Fifth Wheel Stabilizer

Features :

  • Maximum vertical load rating is 5000 pounds
  • Made of rust resistant steel
  • King pin height of 38 1/2 inch to 50 inch

Additional Info :

Item Dimensions
Height 5.8
Width 8.2
Length 48.5
Weight 26
Release Date 2011-08-25T00:00:01Z

Best king pin stabilizer Buying Guide

This section is all about considerations before buying king pin stabilizer. It will help you not just save your time but save money as well when you decide to buy a king pin stabilizer. We have written this article considering the time and effort you put into buying the best one. All we want is this article should help you make the right decision before spending your hard-earned money. When you’re looking to buy king pin stabilizer, it’s usually a good idea to take a moment and consider the purchase.

Before you buy anything, you should consider several factors. These include:

  • Ease of use: Is the product easy to use? If it’s too complicated, you may be better off with something simpler.
  • Durability: How long will it last? Will it break down easily or give me problems over time?
  • Versatility: Can this one product do multiple things, or will I need to buy several products to get everything I want to do?
  • Price: How much does this item cost? Is it worth the price?
  • Safety: Is this product safe to use? Will it hurt me or others if I use it incorrectly?
  • Productivity: How much will this product help me get things done? Will it save me time and effort, or will I have to do more work?
  • Functionality: What does this product do? Can I use it to get the things I want to be done?
  • Appearance: What does the product look like? Is it ugly or beautiful? Does its appearance affect its usefulness in any way?
  • Performance: How well does this product perform its intended use? Is it easy to use and understand?

Here are some of the most important aspects:


The quality of your product is vital because it determines how long it will last. If you buy a low-quality product that does not serve its purpose, it wastes time and money. It is important to buy products that have high-quality materials because they can serve their purpose for years without breaking down. The best way to determine the quality of a product is by reading reviews from previous customers. If you see that many people have had great experiences with the product, likely, you will too.


Sometimes we buy things just because they are cheap or because of their features, but sometimes these king pin stabilizer may not be as versatile as we thought they were going to be. So we regret our decision later on when we find out that they cannot do what we wanted them to do in the first place. So before buying king pin stabilizer, make sure that it has all the features you need from it so that there are no disappointments later on when you realize that the product cannot perform its function properly or at all!


Many different models are available in the market, each with its price tag. The features offered by them vary from one model to another, and so does their price range. The product’s price depends on its features, brand, and quality. If you are looking for a good quality model with all the basic features you need, you can easily find one at an affordable price. However, if you want a high-end model with advanced features, it will cost you more.

Ensure the product has all the needed features and is within your budget. If you are on a tight budget, look for models that have basic features and are affordable. You can also consider purchasing a used one to save money.


The performance of the king pin stabilizer is another factor to consider before making a purchase decision. The performance refers to how well king pin stabilizer works and how efficiently it performs its function. It’s important to ensure that the king pin stabilizer can do its job properly so that you don’t have to worry about it becoming damaged or breaking down while in use. When looking at different king pin stabilizer models and brands, you should pay attention to this. Many things can affect the performance of a king pin stabilizer, such as the quality of the materials used in its construction and the effort put into designing it.

Ease of use

The most important thing you should look for in a product is how easy it will be for you to use. If a product is too complicated, it may not work for you. You should look for a product that is easy to use, especially if you are new to the world of king pin stabilizer. The best way to find a product that is easy to use is by reading reviews. If people say that the product is too complicated, it’s probably not for you. The best products are easy to use and do not require much time or effort to get the desired results. The easier it is for you to use the king pin stabilizer, the better your chances of success.


If the brand is well known and has been in business for years, it means they have been providing quality products. But if they’re new on the market, you should be cautious about their products as they might also have some issues. It is important to remember that new brands can also come with good products, so it is important to do your research carefully.

However, if you’re unsure about the brand and want to learn more about them, you should check its website. If they have one, then it means that they are serious about their business and want to provide quality products to their customers. You can also go through reviews left by other people who have bought their products before.

Customer review

One of the most important things you should consider before purchasing king pin stabilizer is customer reviews. If many people have purchased the king pin stabilizer and left positive feedback about their experience with it, there’s a good chance that the product will be worth your money. However, if there are more negative comments than positive ones, you should think twice about buying that king pin stabilizer. This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t buy any products with negative reviews; just make sure that they’re not overly critical or biased in any way so that they can be taken seriously by potential buyers.

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