My EV Story: Shaun Windsor – Tesla Model 3

With significantly cheaper running costs and over 100 models to choose from, it’s easy to see why drivers like Shaun Windsor are making the switch to electric vehicles in 2020. When looking to replace his current lease, there were many factors that helped change Shaun’s perceptions about going electric, including the extensive mile range and … Read more

Car Tax Calculator

Calculating the running costs and tax overheads of company cars can be a hassle for business owners. That’s why we have developed a special car cost calculator to help UK businesses and company car drivers save money and cut their emissions. You can use our calculator to quickly and easily see the difference in tax … Read more

EV registrations stay strong in a challenging UK car market Share Share Share Share

It’s a challenging time for the UK car market, with the backdrop of coronavirus providing some uncertainty for potential buyers. Yet there is positive news surrounding electric vehicle (EV) registrations. According to figures published by the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT)*, more than 108,000 EVs – this includes Battery Electric Vehicles (BEVs) and … Read more

Charging your Electric Vehicle

One of the key differences in driving an electric vehicle versus a petrol or diesel vehicle is fuel. Nobody enjoys spending time at petrol stations and when you switch to driving an EV, stopping to fill up your car can be a thing of the past. Most EV owners choose to charge their vehicles at … Read more

Journey Cost Savings Calculator

Driving an electric car could save you money every time you travel. Compared to traditional petrol and diesel cars, EVs are cheaper to run and far more efficient to drive. We’ve designed a special journey cost calculator to illustrate how much you could save on every journey you make in an electric car rather than a petrol … Read more

Types of electric vehicles

Electric cars and vans come in many shapes, sizes, and styles but perhaps the most important aspect when deciding on the right EV for you is understanding the different types of electric vehicles available. There are three main types of EV and each with specific benefits depending on your driving needs. The 3 Electric Vehicle Types: Fully … Read more

The Benefits Of Small Electric Vehicles

Electric vehicles make ideal city cars and there are a wide range of EVs designed specifically to handle the challenges of day-to-day driving and work commuting. Small electric vehicles offer a number of benefits for drivers over their petrol powered rivals, not least that they are nippier about town, easy to drive and more cost … Read more

OZEV Grants & Incentives

The Office of Zero Emission Vehicles (OZEV) was set up to help support the wider adoption of electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles in the UK and offers a range of grants and assistance to help you make the switch to EVs. The Government is committed to helping increase the amount of ultra-low emission vehicles on … Read more