The future of electric vehicles: Industry leaders and Government come together to share their insights at the Hay Festival

May 3 2019, London – Go Ultra Low will return to the Hay Festival this year to host a panel on the future of electric vehicles. Following a successful inaugural event at 2018’s festival, Broadcaster and author Kate Humble will chair this year’s panel, bringing together influential speakers from the Government and the automotive and […]

That’s shocking! Brits underestimate benefits of switching to a pure electric car, and 42% don’t think you can put one through a car wash

New research reveals UK motorists underestimate benefits of electric driving, with 89% not knowing that electric cars accelerate quicker than petrol or diesel counterparts, and a quarter thinking they are more expensive to maintain 42% of Brits aren’t sure if you can put a pure electric car through a car wash, even though, just like […]

Transport Minister and industry leaders discuss future of electric vehicles at Go Ultra Low Hay Festival Panel

May 29th 2018, London – Go Ultra Low will be hosting its first-ever panel on the future of electric vehicles at this year’s Hay Festival. The panel, chaired by broadcaster, author and electric car expert Robert Llewellyn, brings together influential speakers from the Government, and the automotive and energy sectors, to share insights on how […]

UK businesses urged to go electric and save £625 million

More than 400,000 SMEs could make annual fleet whole-life cost savings of up to £1,440 per vehicle by swapping into electric models Whole-life costs hold the key to savings – but only 35% of SMEs use this data to assess vehicle suitability Two thirds of SMEs say they would consider electric vehicles with lower running […]

Buy an electric car and the savings could pay for Christmas

Savings on fuel and tax  from a 100% electric car could cover the cost of Christmas Average £645 household Christmas spending could be covered by annual savings New Go Ultra Low cost calculator shows that typical 100% electric cars could cost on average 3p per mile to run, compared to 9p for a comparable diesel […]

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