A chargepoint network

With over 10,000 public charging points in action across the UK, you can really experience the joy of the open road with an electric car. The Government is investing over £40 million to create a network of public chargepoints. On top of this, other organisations have already put in thousands of chargepoints across the UK, and more are coming.

In 2013, the Government announced funding to help local authorities install rapid chargers. The UK has the best rapid charger network in Europe, helping you get from one end of the country to the other. At these chargepoints you can charge your car up to 80% full in less than half an hour. That’s just enough time to grab a coffee.

Hundreds of local councils around the country are putting chargepoints on their premises for employees and visitors. And increasingly private sector employers are following suit.

Most UK train operating companies are installing chargepoints at strategic train stations, enabling you to charge your vehicle while you head off to work.

My car [range-extended electric vehicle] has a range of 360-odd miles… You can go places and you can fill it up… you’re not dependent on a single supply of energy”

E-REV owner