Choosing and buying
an EV

Electric cars are the future of driving and there has never been a more exciting time to join the EV revolution. With more charging stations in the UK than ever before, as well as new and exciting vehicles on the market, drivers now have greater choice and flexibility when it comes to choosing an EV.

Find your electric vehicle

Whether you are still deciding to switch to an electric car or want more information about specific models, the Go Ultra Low website has been designed to give you all the information you need to make the right decision for you.

We’ve made it easy for you to compare the latest range of exciting electric cars, calculate how much you could save on every journey and find a charging point near your home or work.

We’ve put together a brief overview of the benefits of each type of EV.

Electric vehicle technology

The technology that powers electric vehicles is developing at a staggering rate and today’s EV are fast, powerful, sleek cars that promise a refreshing driving experience that is as smooth and quiet as it is enjoyable.

Charging times are dropping rapidly and with over 2000 rapid chargers now available in the UK, many easily available in motorway service areas, you can charge most electric cars to near capacity in under an hour.


How do I know if an EV is right for me?

You could save a great deal in general running costs by choosing an EV and may be eligible for special grants too which could help you save further. The best way to find out whether an EV might be right for you is to go for a test drive and discover how enjoyable driving an electric vehicle can be.

Many prospective EV drivers have questions about how to charge an EV and where the nearest charging point is. You can find everything you need to know about how to charge an electric vehicle in our charging guide and our interactive map makes it easy to find a charging station for your next trip.

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Types of electric vehicle

There are a range of different types of EVs on the market and it is useful to know what each type offers when deciding on a car that is right for you.

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What’s the big deal about EVs?

Electric cars are the future and if you’ve never driven one before it can be a pleasant, surprising experience. They are much quieter than traditional combustion engine cars and offer a smoother ride with their clever, weighted distribution design meaning they handle corners with ease and precision.

Many electric cars also come with exciting features like enhanced security and the ability to control the on-board system through your smart phone. With some models you can change the interior temperature of your car remotely, check the status of your battery charge and even locate your car on a map (goodbye parking nightmares!).

Switch to an electric car today

The best way to find the right EV for you is to get behind the wheel of a car and try it for yourself. At Go Ultra Low we’ve made it quick and easy to find the car you’ve got your eye on.

With a huge range of cars from our partners, we have everything you need to find your dream car and make the switch.

Why not get started today? Try our EV finder tool.


What grants are available for EV owners?

The government has a number of grants and incentives to help people make the switch to electric vehicles and this can help hugely in bringing down the cost of buying new car.

You can get £3,500 off a brand new zero emission EV with the government’s Plug-in Car Grant or as much as £8,000 off an eligible electric van. In addition to this there are grants available to help cover the costs of specialist home charging stations and you’ll be eligible for up to £500 towards the cost of installation of a home charging port.

You can find out more about the government grants available on our dedicated grants page or view eligible vehicles on the government website page.