Choosing an EV


Safety requirements

The automotive industry is heavily regulated, ensuring that products are safe. There are strict rules and regulations which guide the safety of the vehicles we drive and by law vehicles have to meet minimum safety standards. These tests need to prove passenger and pedestrian safety in a range of collision situations, and for Go Ultra Low vehicles that includes ensuring the battery and voltage cables are safe.

Beyond statutory standards of electric car safety there are NCAP ratings, providing each car with an out of 5 stars performance level against the Euro NCAP crash tests which consider adult protection, child protection, pedestrian protection and safety assist measures. All Go Ultra Low cars carry an NCAP rating so you can compare with confidence using this standardised approach to vehicle safety. You can find out more at or on individual vehicle manufacturer websites.

Charging safely

The dedicated chargepoints that are recommended for charging your electric vehicle have undergone safety testing and are installed by qualified electricians following industry best practice for installation of charging equipment.

Check out our section on powering for details on charging

Public charging safety

The majority of public chargepoints are lockable. That means the only person who can unplug your cable is you. Some cars and chargepoints will actually send you a message if your car is unexpectedly unplugged, or tell you when your vehicle is fully charged.

Wet weather

In terms of driving in the rain and in cold weather, electric vehicles have all been extensively tested by their manufacturers to ensure top performance in a range of conditions.

Charging in the rain is common – all chargepoints have undergone rigorous safety testing, and are installed in accordance with the relevant regulations. If you opt for an outdoor chargepoint at home, it will be weatherproof.

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