Charging electric vehicles

Thanks to an ever-expanding network, you can now charge your electric vehicle at over 11,000 chargepoints and at over 96% of motorway services in England and Wales.

The chargepoints at motorway services are rapid chargers, which could recharge your car to up to 80% in 30 minutes. All this means you can comfortably drive the length and breadth of Britain in your electric vehicle.

Use our charging map above to find out where your nearest charger is.

Charging at home

Company car drivers can get a chargepoint installed at their own home. Powering your car from home is amazingly simple and extremely cost effective, especially as the Government will currently pay up to £500 towards the equipment and installation. You’ll never need to visit a petrol station again.

Charging at work

The thought of installing a petrol station at the workplace sounds crazy, but putting in chargepoints is surprisingly easy. Learn more about the benefits of charging at work and what employers need to know.

My car [range-extended electric vehicle] has a range of 360-odd miles… You can go places and you can fill it up… you’re not dependent on a single supply of energy”

E-REV owner