Case Study – Nottingham City Council

Innovative and proactive in its fleet operations, Nottingham City Council has been setting an example for local fleet operators by giving its employees the opportunity to drive electric vehicles.

By joining the Go Ultra Low Companies initiative, the public sector organisation has committed to growing its electric fleet considerably by 2020.

Nottingham City Council – Key green facts

  • Became a Go Ultra Low Company in June 2016
  • 25 plug-in vehicles currently on fleet
  • Planning to upgrade to 80 plug-in vehicles by 2020
  • 70% cost-savings on van fleet since switching to electric
  • 7 years of operating EVs
  • EV fleet began with 2 vehicles in 2010
  • Aiming to increase lifecycle of fleet vehicles to 10 years thanks to lower service, maintenance or repair (SMR) costs with plug-in vehicles
  • Plug-in vehicle fleet includes 18 Nissan eNV200s and 5 Nissan LEAFs

Nottingham City Council has a large fleet of electric vehicles, and five of them are Nissan LEAFs

Raising awareness of electric vehicles

Nottingham, itself a Go Ultra Low City, needs local organisations like Nottingham City Council (NCC) to raise awareness of electric vehicles among residents and set an example for others to follow.

NCC currently has 25 plug-in vehicles on its fleet, and plans to increase this number to 80 by 2020 – thanks to an ambitious three-year electrification plan. With this commitment, NCC became a Go Ultra Low Company, laying down an example for other local private and public sector organisations to follow.

Since introducing its first plug-in vehicle in 2010, the council has replaced petrol- and diesel-engine vehicles with electric alternatives wherever possible, using robust calculations to evaluate which parts of its fleet operation would be best served by low emission motoring. And it’s paying dividends – the Council has calculated that its 18 electric vans have already reduced costs by up to 70%. Its current fleet of 25 electric vehicles – consisting mostly of zero emission Nissan eNV200s and LEAFs – play an operational and ambassadorial role for the council, allowing staff to make short journeys around the city with low costs and zero emissions.

Executive quotes

We have made an investment in electric vehicles as part of a longer-term plan. Vehicle lifespans will increase, while overheads such as electric chargepoint installation and plug-in vehicle driver training schemes for our staff will allow our employees to get the most out of our electric cars and vans over a sustained period of time.

It is our plan to shape Nottingham into a modern, progressive city. We encourage our staff to ask, ‘Do I really need to use a car in the first place?’ when they make journeys, using public transport or bicycle when possible. But when they do need to use a car, we have a fleet of electric cars ready to use.

Electric vehicles are the future. They’re becoming more normal, and this was part of our reasoning for adding them to the City Council vehicle fleet. Eventually, a plug-in car will be the norm and default option for any fleet procurement manager.

With electric vehicles on our growing fleet we are driving costs down while improving processes on many levels.

Andrew Smith, Assistant Manager (Fleet), Nottingham City Council

Reducing city-wide vehicle emissions

With an ambition to increase its electric fleet by more than 300% over the next three years, Nottingham City Council (NCC) has set a high bar for itself, and for other local organisations to follow, in terms of low emission motoring. This willingness to lead by example will help Nottingham realise its aim of reducing vehicle emissions across the city, and encourage uptake of electric vehicles among its citizens.

Andrew Smith, Assistant Manager (Fleet) with Ady Cawrey, Commercial Operations Manager (Fleet) at Nottingham City Council

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