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Plug-in vehicles can deliver service, maintenance and repair cost savings for fleets

Running plug-in vehicles on your fleet can reduce service, maintenance and repair costs, compared to petrol or diesel alternatives.

Key points

  • electric cars can be around 70% cheaper to maintain compared to petrol or diesel-powered alternatives (Source: KeeResources 2017)
  • Pure electric vehicles have fewer components that require maintenance, often making servicing simpler and cheaper than petrol or diesel alternatives
  • Wear-and-tear on tyres and brakes is noticeably reduced on plug-in vehicles thanks to regenerative braking

Major savings for fleets

Evidence shows that electric vehicles can have lower service, maintenance and repair (SMR) costs than petrol or diesel equivalents. So, the larger your fleet of vehicles the more cost savings you could make.

Fewer components and consumables in electric vehicles means there’s less to maintain. Compared to a conventional car’s engine, pure electric vehicles have just three main components: the on-board charger, inverter and motor, so there’s much less to go wrong and do not require such things as fuel and oil filters, or engine oil.

Fleets running electric vehicles also require less consumables as wear-and-tear on tyres and brakes is noticeably reduced, thanks to the clever regenerative braking systems that reduce the amount of work the brakes do.

Expert view

Calculating service, maintenance and repair (SMR) budgets is a complex activity, requiring a mass of data on parts costs, routine maintenance requirements and scheduling, and in particular component wear rates.

KeeResources has gathered data on millions of SMR transactions on fleet vehicles, adding more every week, and the indications are that SMR costs for plug-in vehicles are positive compared to internal combustion engine vehicles.

Although component parts costs and servicing regimes may be known, with new technology there’s always a challenge in assessing component wear rates. But from what we’ve seen already, and with electric vehicle registrations increasingly rapidly, we expect plug-in models to continue to offer lower repair bills.

Mark Jowsey, KeeResources

How much could your fleet save?

Data from KeeResources illustrates how SMR costs for plug-in vehicles can deliver major savings:

Predicted SMR saving of plug-in models versus petrol and diesel equivalents from the same brand (4 years/60,000 miles)

Make Model Spec Maintenance Total (£) Cost saving for EV (£)
BMW i3 Electric Drive Loft Professional Media 170bhp 2264.05
BMW 1-Series 118d SS Sport 150hp dpf 2929.94 -665.89
Hyundai IONIQ Electric Premium SE 120PS 1543.20
Hyundai IONIQ Plug-in Hybrid Premium SE DCT 141PS 2120.88 -577.68
Kia Soul Electric EV 109PS 1203.57
Kia Soul GDI 1 132bhp 1570.86 -367.29
Nissan LEAF Tekna 30kW Electric 109PS 1538.62
Nissan Pulsar Tekna XTRONIC DIG-T SS 115PS 2198.63 -660.01
Renault ZOE i Signature Nav Rapid Charge 41kWh Electric 88PS 1169.96
Renault Clio Signature Nav EDC Tce SS 120hp 2114.31 -944.35
Volkswagen Golf e-Golf Electric 35.8kWh 136PS 1730.69
Volkswagen Golf GTE DSG TSI PiH 8.7kWh SS 204PS 2585.87 -855.18
Volkswagen Golf GTD DSG TDI SS 184PS dpf 2965.29 -1234.60

Source: KeeResources SMR report 2017

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