My EV Story: Shaun Windsor – Tesla Model 3

With significantly cheaper running costs and over 100 models to choose from, it’s easy to see why drivers like Shaun Windsor are making the switch to electric vehicles in 2020.

When looking to replace his current lease, there were many factors that helped change Shaun’s perceptions about going electric, including the extensive mile range and advanced technology available on many EVs

Sean’s EV story

“To be honest, an electric car wasn’t even on my list when I first approached Nationwide Vehicle Contracts to replace my Mercedes-Benz E Class but when I heard that Tesla Model 3 was coming out I was really impressed by its range” explains Shaun, a Partnerships Manager from Berkshire.

“While there are many environmental benefits to leasing an EV, my decision was mainly driven by price. I looked back through my statements and worked out I was spending around £250 a month on petrol. I also had a limit in my head of how much I wanted to spend per month. When I compared the monthly rental cost, plus the savings in fuel, it made financial sense to go electric.”

How much money did he save?

Shaun believes the benefits of switching from a conventionally fuelled vehicle to an electric car are paramount. As he drives an average of 1,500-miles per month, he estimates in six weeks he’s only spent £50 on electricity to power his Tesla Model 3, representing a total saving of £200 a month based on his previous fuel costs. The Tesla Model 3 is now Shaun’s main vehicle which he uses to commute to work, as well as carry out daily journeys such as the school run.

“The range on the Model 3 was the biggest pull for me. Tesla claims it has a 348-mile range which is ideal for me and my lifestyle. I know range is a big concern for many. My parents, who are pretty old school, constantly ask me questions about charging it. They panic that it’s going to run out of power whilst I’m out on the road, but it’s never been something I worry about. I’ve got a charging point at home so even if I get in at midnight, I just plug it in and by 7am the morning after I have a full charge. In fact, it’s more convenient than going to a petrol station.”

Tesla Model 3

What are the other benefits of driving electric?

Aside from the cost savings, Shaun has also found driving an electric car offers plenty of little perks which make his day-to-day commute better.

“The overall driving experience is much nicer. It’s a more relaxed drive because the vehicle is so silent. When I get into my other petrol car, it feels like I’m going back 50 years. I don’t have instant power and it’s so noisy.”

“While we don’t have charging facilities at work, there are plenty of available chargers in some of the car parks I use. Many of the charging spaces are priority spaces, so are a lot closer to the door, and I feel like my vehicle is less likely to get damaged because the spaces tend to be separate from the other vehicles.”

Despite only being in the vehicle a few months, Shaun wouldn’t go back to a conventional fuelled car.

“I wouldn’t go back to a normal petrol car now. Even my wife, who initially had her reservations about going electric, loves it. The family is completely sold on it. The kids love it, particularly as electric vehicles have such good press.”

“There’s a perception that electric cars are boring, but I can’t say that about the Tesla. I love everything about it. I would 100% recommend going electric, particularly if you’re able to install a charging point at home.”

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