Charging your
Electric Car

One of the key differences in driving an electric vehicle versus a petrol or diesel powered one is fuelling your car. Nobody enjoys spending time at petrol stations and when you switch to driving an EV, stopping to fill up your car can be a thing of the past.

Most EV owners choose to charge their vehicles at home overnight and once you get used to this it’s just like plugging in your smart phone or laptop. The batteries that power these vehicles are designed to hold their charge for longer so they often don’t need to be charged every night. And depending on the make and model, it can provide a driving range of up to 200 miles.

The other option for EV owners is to charge their vehicle at a public charging station and there are thousands of these throughout the UK. These charging stations often offer rapid charging units which are capable of charging your electric car to near capacity in about half an hour. Its now easier than ever to find a charging station for your electric car and the network is growing every day too.

Types of charging points

Rapid charging points times

Most rapid charge points in the UK can charge a popular 100% electric vehicle to 80% capacity in around 30 minutes.

Fast charge points

A fast charge point is capable of charging an electric car like Nissan’s LEAF in about 120 minutes.

Slow charge points

A slow charge point is capable of charging an electric car like Nissan’s LEAF in about 9 hours and is best done overnight.


Charging your electric vehicle at home

Charging your EV at home is simple and all you need is a rapid charging unit. These durable chargers can easily be installed inside a garage, or outside at off-street parking locations and connect to your mains power supply. Once plugged in, your car will start charging immediately.

With a home charging unit installed, you can charge your car in just a few hours and many vehicles have a compatible smartphone app so that you can keep an eye on your charge level from just about anywhere.

Even better, the Government’s electric charging scheme grant is designed to help you pay for the installation of a home charging unit and could contribute up to £500 towards the cost.


Charging your electric vehicle on the road

The network of public charge points for electric vehicles is growing rapidly and there are already over 25,000 access points available in cities, service stations and towns across the UK. It is now easier than ever to plan longer distance journeys where you may need to top up your car’s charge and it is faster too with rapid chargers now available at most major service stations.

Our smart, interactive charging point map lets you find your nearest EV charging station, plan longer journeys and see live updates on availability at every public charging point in the UK. You can filter your search by charger type, network, location and even payment type so that you can find the perfect charging station quickly and easily.