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To help you find the eyelash serum at ulta on the market today, we spent hours researching, reviewing customer data, criticism, reviews, and comparing product features and specs. During the search, we also looked for all types of eyelash serum at ulta, selecting only those suitable for every need. We also ensured they were durable, offered easy to use, and had useful features — pretty much a standard requirement for your needs.

Whether you are a professional or a beginner, we have tried out all of the top products, researching them for efficiency, and general build quality, taking care to populate the below list with a nice mix of eyelash serum at ulta available at different price points. Generally, we preferred newer models with the high build quality and additional features.

To help you nail down the right model for you, we’ve assessed each eyelash serum at ulta on key criteria and discussed the performance differences of each below.

  • Value
  • Comfort
  • Durability
  • Weight and Packability
  • Features
  • Stability
  • Accuracy


Best eyelash serum at ulta With Specifications

Buying yourself a eyelash serum at ulta is already considered a luxury, so you might as well make sure that what you’re about to purchase meets the following factors:

  • Cost- Of course, this is the number one factor looked at by many when researching for products they are planning to buy. For eyelash serum at ulta, the price ranges depending on the features, durability, and brand value. Determine how much you’re willing to spend for a product so the search can be narrowed down immediately.
  • Durability- This is always considered in any product you’re eyeing. A higher price tag does not always equate to high quality, so read reviews thoroughly about a certain product’s performance and components. 
  • Ease of Use and Cleaning- A hassle-free eyelash serum at ulta is the best because it will define how efficient you can be, meeting your needs and cleaning afterward. So, take into consideration how easy to clean and maintain the eyelash serum at ulta is.
  • Dimension- Considering the size and dimension of your eyelash serum at ulta is important, especially if you have limited space in your space.
  • Safety- It’s very important to find a eyelash serum at ulta that offers safeguards, especially since this equipment will be placed at home where children can have access.

These Considerations below should help you search for that eyelash serum at ulta that meets all your criteria!

1. Premium Eyelash Growth Serum and Eyebrow Enhancer by VieBeauti, Lash boost Serum for Longer, Fuller Thicker Lashes & Brows (3ML)

Features :

  • LENGTHEN AND STRENGTHEN your eyelashes and brows to achieve alluring eyes naturally. Our nourishing eyelash growth serum promotes new eyelash growth and fortifies existing hairs for bold, dramatic looking eyes in as little as 2 weeks. This advanced formula eye lash growing serum provides a magical boost to thin, sparse and brittle lashes.
  • POWERFUL AMINO ACIDS in L-Isoleucine support new growth by stimulating circulation to blood vessels around follicles. This fills-in patchy eyebrows and lash lines so they look lush and healthy. Aspartic acid reinforces hair structure to make lashes and brows stronger and more voluminous.
  • RICH IN NUTRIENTS to boost growth and volume, VieBeauti Eyelash Serum works wonders on the littlest of lashes. As an added bonus, arginine helps hydrate hairs to resolve brittleness and make them stronger. With fuller and more dramatic lashes, you can say goodbye to uncomfortable fake eyelashes.
  • GENTLE FORMULATION is safe to use on the delicate tissues along the lash line and beneath your eyebrows. Botanically derived ingredients infuse sheen and luster without tell-tale redness and irritation. VieBeauti can be used in the mornings before your makeup, and in the evening as part of your night-time skin care regimen.
  • EASY TO APPLY with its own fine-tip wand, VieBeauti Eyelash and Eyebrow Growth Serum goes on in the same way as your favorite eyeliner. Moving from the inner corner of your eye to the outer corner, simply brush-on a thin layer at the root lines to nourish follicles, promote new hair growth and strengthen existing hairs.

Additional Info :

Color Purple
Item Dimensions
Height 0.8
Width 0.8
Length 4.8
Release Date 2019-04-30T00:00:01Z

2. Lash24 by Hair La Vie | Eyelash Growth Serum | Dual Formula with AM Primer & PM Lash Boost | Enhance Lashes 24 Hours a Day | 2-Month Supply

Features :

  • GROW LONGER, FULLER LASHES 24/7 – Lash24 is the first lash growth serum formulaswith dual day & night formulas, providing 24 hours of continuous nourishment for healthier, fuller-looking lashes—faster than ever before. The Conditioning PM Formula works overnight to help grow dramatically longer, thicker lashes, while the Lightweight AM Lash Boosting Primer supports all-day growth while also priming the eyes for a long-lasting, flawless mascara application.
  • CLINICALLY PROVEN INGREDIENTS TO BOOST LASH HEALTH, VOLUME & LENGTH – Each formula uses clinically studied, natural ingredients that work both day and night to give you visibly longer, denser, and more youthful-looking eyelashes. This fast-working dual eyelash serum uses a nourishing blend of Red Clover Extract, Biotin, Keratin, Silk Amino Acids, Vitamin B5, and Hydrating Fruit Sugars to penetrate hair follicles, strengthen and fortify lashes, and improve the skin along the lash line.
  • EASY TO APPLY – For best results, apply a thin line of the PM Formula along the roots of the eyelashes nightly at bedtime to reveal maximum lash growth and volume overtime with a surge of immediate, lasting moisture to the follicles. Glide on the invisible AM Formula to clean lashes each morning to boost growth by day while also locking in moisture to soften, condition, and protect lashes. Wear alone or under mascara to prime lashes for all-day length and volume.
  • DELIVERS VISIBLE LASH GROWTH IN AS LITTLE AS 30 DAYS – Lash24TM uses Panthenol, Keratin, Hyaluronic Acid, peptides, and conditioned media made in zero-gravity, which has been shown to nourish lashes and the skin as the lash forms, creating visibly stronger, thicker, healthier-looking lashes in as little as 4-6 weeks when used as directed. Can be used on natural lashes and with lash extensions.
  • SAFE, EFFECTIVE NATURAL LASH SERUM TARGETS THE ROOT – Hair La Vie’s non-irritating natural lash serum helps restore your body’s innate lash-growing process without any side effects like redness, itching, dryness, altered color of the iris, or darkened eyelids that you might see with other lash treatments.

Additional Info :

Color Red

3. Grande Cosmetics GrandeLASH-MD Lash Enhancing Serum

Additional Info :

Color 1 ml – 6-week starter supply
Item Dimensions
Height 3.5
Width 0.05
Length 3.5
Release Date 2020-01-01T00:00:01Z

4. Uklash Eyelash Serum, Uklash Eyelash Growth Serum, 5ML Uklash Eyelash Enhancer Serum for Longer, Fuller And Healthier Lashes (1Pc)

Features :

  • Grow longer and fuller-looking lashes with UkLash Eyelash Serum. Helps promote growth for longer, fuller & healthier looking lashes. Naturally enhance your eyelashes for a flawless false lash effect.
  • Strength-fortifying ingredients naturally prolong the life of your lashes, stopping them from falling out as frequently to leave them looking fuller for longer. It’s safe to use with falsies or extensions if you want to add some drama to your makeup look and thanks to your new set of stronger lashes, your extensions will stay in for even longer – it’s a makeup miracle!
  • Uniquely formulated and infused with essential vitamins, extracts and peptides to boost your lashes with what they need to achieve your ultimate lash goals. The formula is 100% vegan and cruelty-free, making it suitable for sensitive skin and safe to use in close proximity to your eyes.
  • Easy application in a matter of seconds with long-lasting results. Throw out your falsies, wave goodbye to uncomfortable lash extensions forever, and prepare to dazzle with your naturally longer, fuller lashes with the UKLASH Eyelash Growth Enhancer!
  • Apply one stroke over your upper lashes once a day using the thin lash brush included and start seeing incredible results within a matter of weeks. Wait for the serum to dry and carry on with your daily makeup routine as usual.

Additional Info :

Color 1Pc

5. Lash Booster | Advanced Eyelash Growth Serum And Eyebrow Enhancer – Grow Longer Beautiful Eyelashes And Bold Eyebrows – Naturally Promotes Fuller, Thicker, Longer, Lashes & Brows

Features :

  • GET NATURAL LONGER EYELASHES When It Comes to Eyelashes the Bigger the Better; Drop Those Fake Lashes, by Using Lash Booster and Naturally Achieve Beautiful Healthier Fuller Longer Eyelashes, over 87% of Users Saw Their Eyelashes Grow. There is Nothing Like Waking Up to Long Beautiful Eyelashes and Stunning Eyebrows.
  • SAY GOODBYE TO FAKE LASHES This Lash Booster Instantly Boosts Your Eyelashes and Brows to Achieve Beautiful Alluring Eyelashes Naturally. This Advanced Formula Provides a Magical Boost to Thin, Sparse, Lashes. Our Award-winning Lash Serum Promotes Natural Bigger Eyelashes and Eyebrows, Experience Drastic Increases in Length and Thickness of Your Eyelashes in as Little as 2 Weeks.
  • SUITABLE FOR SENSITIVE EYES Formulated to Use on The Delicate Skin Along the Lash Line and Beneath Your Eyebrows. This Lash Booster is Formulated with Natural Castor Oil that Will Soften and Build the Eyelashes Up To 5x Their Natural Thickness, Use in the Mornings and in the Evening as Part of Your Skin Care Regimen.
  • #1 EYELASH BOOSTER Conceal Thin, Uneven Lashes and Brows With this Amazing Eye Lash Booster Which Includes Castor Oil for Longer Eyelashes and Brows and Is Made with High-Quality Organic Ingredients, This Method Leaves the Castor Oil Retaining the Relaxing Earthy Scent Rich in Nutrients to Boost Growth and Volume, This Organic Castor Oil Lash Booster Serum Works Wonders to Naturally Promote Fuller, Thicker, Longer, Healthier Lashes & Brows, Finally Say Goodbye to Uncomfortable Fake Eyelashes.
  • EASY TO APPLY Place Brush at Base of Lashes and Gently Sweep Up to Tip. Goes On in The Same Way as Your Favorite Eyeliner. Moving From the Inner Corner of Your Eye to The Outer Corner, Simply Brush-on A Thin Layer at The Root Lines to Nourish Follicles and Promote New Hair Growth as Well as Strengthen Existing Hairs. You’re Just One Product Away from Achieving Natural Beautiful Long Eyelashes That You Always Wished For, You Will Love It, Satisfaction Guaranteed.

Additional Info :

Color Blue

6. Premium Eyelash Growth Serum – 5ml Eyelash Enhancer & Natural Non-Irritating Eyelash Serum for Thicker Eyelashes Faster Growth Healthier

Features :

  • See Fast Results: Get lusher, healthier-looking lashes with GILVOS Lash Growth Serum. With daily application, you will experience a dramatic increase in your eyelashes. Not just you, people around you will also notice it
  • Say Goodbye To False Lashes: Say goodbye to fake lashes & try our GILVOS eyelash boost serum. It will help you create beautiful, effortless, and natural lashes which will stay with you forever
  • Nourishing And Natural Ingredients: Non-irritating, gentle, and safe for all skin types. It is a nourishing serum that will help lashes to grow stronger and healthier with daily use
  • GILVOS Is Proven By Science: Contains proprietary botanically-derived compounds that penetrate hair follicles to stimulate lash growth, which in turn fortifies the eyelash to be noticeably longer and thicker
  • Easy To Use: Simply place a thin line along the base of your upper and lower lash line once or twice per day. Apply only at the root area of eyelashes as though applying eyeliner

Additional Info :

Color black gold

7. sanvalley Eyelash Growth Serum, Lash Extension Enhancer for Fuller, Longer, Thicker Eyelashes, Eyebrow Growth, Natural Ingredients for Eyelash Curlers Effects

Features :

  • Longer & Luscious Eyelashes: Eyelash growth serum nourishes your eyelashes and eyebrows to naturally lengthen and volumize. Serum enhances eyelash growth and fortifies existing hair follicles along your eye line. Say goodbye to thin, brittle, and sparse lashes.
  • Natural Nutrients: Eyelash growth serum is made with the highest quality of botanical nutrients, such as ginseng extract and seed extract. Everything in the serum is hypoallergenic and clinically tested, allergy tested & dermatologist tested. Never tested on animals and is 100% cruelty free.
  • Gentle Formula on the Eyes: For all men and women with eyelash and eyebrow nourishment needs, the growth serum contains natural ingredients that are gentle and safe to use on delicate tissues along the lash line and beneath eyebrows. Irritation-free and worry-free.
  • Perfect Self-Care Routine: Apply in AM and PM with the fine-tip wand, before starting your day and as you rewind at night. Gently trace along your lash line and eyebrows with the growth serum to give an extra boost and assurance to your skincare and self-care routine.
  • Guaranteed Satisfaction: You deserve the best skin treatment experience as our valued customer. We don’t desire to waste your money on formula that has no results at all. Customers’ trust is the most valuable to us. Each growth serum comes with the best after-sale service. If you are not happy with your purchase in any way, please feel free to contact us directly. We will help you immediately and make things right for you!

Additional Info :

8. Natural Eyelash Growth Serum & Enhancer by Ceinun, [Pure Plant Formula] Lash Serum for Eyelash Growth, Premium Eyelash Serum for Longer Fuller Lashes & Brows [Cruelty Free & Hypoallergenic] 3ML

Features :

  • ✔️Quickly Lengthen and Thicken your eyelashes – Keep using it for 2 weeks, you’ll get stunning natural-growing lashes. Ceinun eyelash growth serum definitely provides a magical boost to thin, sparse and brittle lashes
  • ✔️Hypoallergenic, Gentle & Non-skin Harmful – Ceinun eyelash growth serum is produced with pure natural plant extracts. The mild plant hormones works well and is safe for most types of skin. And we promise our product are all CRUELTY-FREE
  • ✔️How Eyelash Serum Enhances Eyelashes – This serum for eyelash is packed with varis amino acids for hair growth. The L-Isoleucine promotes the blood circulation of subcutaneous hair roots to stimulate growth, and aspartic acid grows your eyelashes thicker and stronger
  • ✔️Easy to Use Ceinun Lash Serum for Eyelash Growth – Apply easily with your fine tipped stick the same way you use an eyeliner. Moving from inner to outer corners, just brush a thin layer at the base of the eye to nourish hair follicles. Keep using it once a day for weeks to see your beautiful result
  • ️Own Your Real Natural Lashes & Say Goodbye to False Lashes – Use eyelash serum to grow lashes and say goodbye to wear/remove false lashes every day. Worth to be a gift for friend. If for some reason you are not satisfied with the lash serum you purchased, we offer a 100% money-back guarantee!

9. Honest Beauty Extreme Length Mascara + Lash Primer | 2-in-1 Boosts Lash Length, Volume & Definition | Silicone Free, Paraben Free, Dermatologist & Ophthalmologist Tested | 0.2 Fl Oz, Black

Features :

  • New look, same great formula; packaging may vary
  • Award-winning, bestselling double-sided mascara plus lash primer for ultimate length and volume
  • Ophthalmologist Tested
  • Cruelty free
  • EWG Certified
  • 100% tree-free paper carton
  • MADE WITH: Jojoba Esters
  • MADE WITHOUT: Parabens, Paraffins, Synthetic Fragrances, Silicones, Mineral Oil

Additional Info :

Color Black
Item Dimensions
Height 5.6
Width 0.8
Length 0.8
Weight 0.0156
Release Date 2021-10-23T00:00:01Z

10. essence | Lash Princess False Lash Effect Mascara | Gluten & Cruelty Free

Features :

  • If you receive this mascara UNWRAPPED, it did not come from essence cosmetics.
  • NO FALSIES NEEDED! Lash Princess False Lash Mascara defines and separates lashes while achieving a bold look.
  • DRAMATIC VOLUME: the conic shape fiber brush delivers dramatic volume and sculpted length WITHOUT clumps or globs.
  • LASTS ALL DAY: go about your day free from flaking & fading! This mascara does not flake, fade, or wear, making it a perfect all-day, longlasting mascara.
  • CRUELTY FREE: essence cosmetics is certified and acknowledged by PETA as a cruelty-free brand. We do not test any of our products on animals.

Additional Info :

Color False Lash Effect
Item Dimensions
Height 3.93700787
Width 3.93700787
Length 3.93700787
Weight 0.0661386786

Buying eyelash serum at ulta: Things to Consider

Are you having trouble choosing between the eyelash serum at ulta options on this page? Do you not know which one to choose? Here is an ultimate eyelash serum at ulta buying guide to choosing the right product based on your needs. It is important to remember that the right one can help to highlight your best qualities.

1. How often will you use the eyelash serum at ulta? 

One might think that a person would use their eyelash serum at ulta as much as possible. After all, they have paid more for it and want to get their money’s worth. 

Many wonder how often they will need to use the eyelash serum at ulta. It’s important to understand that there is no set answer because everyone has different needs and choices. For example, some people might only need it a few times, while others may need it frequently. 

But is that the case? For example, has anyone ever left a restaurant with a full stomach after eating one meal? It is likely not the case because we do not typically overeat at restaurants. 

So why does this happen with products? The answer lies in our psychology and how we are wired to purchase things even if we don’t need them. In other words, there is an imbalance between what people buy and what they use.

2. Choose eyelash serum at ulta that fits your needs

Do you often find yourself looking for the eyelash serum at ulta? You don’t know where to start or what to buy. It’s hard finding a balance between quality and price. Well, look no further!  We will discuss how to determine if a product is right for you based on your needs, as well as reviews of our top products that fit those needs! 

To determine if a product is right for you, think about why you need it. Is it because you’re trying to fulfill your needs with ease. If you want to hike long distances, you might want something that does not give you arm aches while carrying it around. Therefore, you should choose one that is lightweight.

3. Features

The question you should be asking yourself when purchasing a eyelash serum at ulta is not what the product can do but rather what features are important to you. The most common features of products are durability, reliability, price, and aesthetics. 

If you’re planning to use the product often or live somewhere it might get wet; durability is likely your number one priority. Price may also be an issue if this will be something that is purchased every few years. 

Reliability should always go hand-in-hand with durability and other aspects like customer reviews and warranty length; without these two aspects of quality control, there’s no way to ensure that any company has created a reliable product unless they make it clear in their description.

4. Cost

The cost of a eyelash serum at ulta is one of the most important factors to consider when looking for a purchase. There are many different price ranges, so understanding their differences is essential.  In general, high-quality products are more expensive, while low-quality products are less expensive. Therefore, if you want the best product, you should choose a costly one. It is better to choose an affordable product with fewer features if you only intend on using it a few times.

5. Warranty policy

A product warranty guarantees the quality and performance of a product that the manufacturer or seller will provide. On the other hand, a service warranty is what you get if you buy something like home repair. The latter does not protect against materials or artistry defects but covers defective products because they are not appropriately installed or used as intended. 

When buying a eyelash serum at ulta with a warranty, it is the first thing to check how many years it lasts. Usually, one-year contracts are only given out with low-priced items since this type of coverage protects against any manufacturing defects that may have occurred during production, which can happen even at high-quality factories. 

It also prevents customers from having to pay. Many people find this helpful because if something happens to their product, there won’t be any hassle, and they don’t have to worry about paying extra money for damage caused by the manufacturer’s fault.  

In conclusion, a warranty is an excellent investment to ensure everything goes smoothly when buying new products!  Ensure your eyelash serum at ulta product has a warranty before buying it when shopping!

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