Car Tax Calculator

Calculating the running costs and tax overheads of company cars can be a hassle for business owners. That’s why we have developed a special car cost calculator to help UK businesses and company car drivers save money and cut their emissions.

You can use our calculator to quickly and easily see the difference in tax expenditure on a wide range of cars, helping you make informed decisions which could help save your company thousands.

Our specially-developed interactive cost calculator will help you discover how much money you could save by switching to electric vehicles for your business or fleet instead of relying on expensive, inefficient combustion engine cars.

Simply type in your current vehicle types, fuel consumption and mileage data to compare against real-world electric vehicle data. You can use the dropdown to quickly and easily find your current company car as well as a range of the UK’s best electric vehicles and vans.

The results detail the potential in-life ownership cost savings for a range of plug-in vehicles, to help determine which type of electric vehicle could be best suited to your business requirements.

This includes VED, BIK, fuel and congestion charge savings – this information is invaluable to business owners in calculating actual costs and offers a reliable way to identify savings your business could make.

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