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Fleets have been the driving force behind EV adoption in the UK with companies accounting for around two thirds of EV registrations. For businesses the benefits of switching to electric vans are huge and include an estimated 20-30% saving in repair, serving and maintenance costs plus significantly lower fuel overheads as well as additional Vehicle Excise Duty and Class 1A National Insurance benefits. Government subsidies and grants are also available to help cover the cost of switching to electric for your business.

Electric vans can be great options for businesses as they are cheap to run, reliable and designed with the needs of many businesses in mind. Manufacturers trusted by businesses in the UK like Vauxhall, Renault, Peugeot and Nissan have invested significantly in electric van technology and offer a range of electric vans that cover a wide variety of business needs. With ever increasing ranges and zero tailpipe emissions, many of these electric vans make excellent business vehicles.

Type of electric vans and commercial vehicles

As more businesses in the UK adopt electric vans and commercial vehicles, major manufacturers are working hard to keep up with demand, rolling out an impressive selection of dedicated commercial electric vans. There are electric vans to suit many types of business from small electric vans designed for relatively light loads and city driving to durable large vans with a loading volume of 13m³ and a  payload capacity of over 1,000kg.

Find out more about the different types of electric vans available, and which could best suit your requirements in our guide to the different type of EVs on the market.

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Last mile electric vehicles

A growing trend amongst couriers and big retail companies has been the rise of EVs for the “last mile” of delivery journeys. Enhancing energy efficiency is a major plus for companies who spend huge amounts on fuel to deliver parcels and packages, often within big cities.

Small, nimble EVs are ideal for this as they offer fast, reliable service as well an increased fuel efficiency and lower running and maintenance costs. For businesses operating in London they’re also eligible for a 100% cleaner vehicle discount from the congestion charge and are compliant with the Ultra Low emission Zone. Fleet managers and businesses owners throughout the UK and Europe are turning to EVs for deliveries to cut carbon emissions, improve air quality in busy cities and reduce overheads on delivery routes that often include multiple stops. There are a wide range of EVs that are perfect for the last mile section of delivery journeys. You can see our full selection and filter your search by manufacturer, body type and technology using our car selector.

Corporate responsibility

A huge number of businesses, from global retail giants to banks, tech start-ups, service industries and manufacturers are looking at ways to improve their corporate responsibility.

One of the biggest pushes in the last few years has been a move from petrol and diesel based vehicles for business to cleaner electric alternatives. EVs are playing a big part in lowering carbon emissions. With a growing selection of fully electric vehicles and greater, more affordable access to renewable energy resources, businesses can have a positive impact on the environment by switching to EVs.

At Go Ultra Low we’re committed to helping make switching to electric vans and commercial vehicles easy and cost efficient, by giving businesses and fleet owners all the information they need. We’re here to help all UK businesses meet their corporate responsibility to contribute to creating a cleaner, greener future.

Electric vehicle company incentives

There are a number of incentives to help businesses and fleet owners switch to EVs which can help save thousands of pounds. The Government provides up to £3,000 off the price of an eligible fully electric car, and up to £8,000 off the price of an eligible electric van as well as offering grants to help towards the installation of charge points within the workplace offering grants for up to £350.

Businesses buying plug-in cars that emit less than 50g/km, or zero tailpipe emission vans can also benefit from enhanced capital allowances with 100% of the value eligible for writing down against corporation tax in the first year of ownership. This benefit also extends to recharging or refuelling infrastructure for plug-in and hydrogen-powered vehicles.

To find out how much your business could save by switching to an electric vehicle, try our special company car tax calculator. You can compare different EV and conventional petrol and diesel models to see how much you could be saving on your business tax bill. For more information on the grants and incentives available, visit our guide on the schemes available to help business owners change to electric vehicles.

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