OLEV Grants
& Incentives

The Office of Low Emission Vehicles (OLEV) was set up to help support the wider adoption of electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles in the UK and offers a range of grants and assistance to help you make the switch to electric vehicles.

The Government is committed to helping increase the amount of ultra-low emission vehicles on the road and this guide looks at some of the relevant grants and incentives which could make it easier for you to buy an electric vehicle or plug-in hybrid.

The main electric vehicle grants:

Plug-in electric car grant

The upfront price of new electric vehicles can be higher than a comparable petrol or diesel car. To help overcome this, the government introduced a plug-in car grant to help buyers offset some of the cost of a new electric vehicle.

This grant is available to a range of eligible electric vehicles including cars, vans, motorcycles, mopeds, taxis and even large trucks. To qualify for the plug in car grant the EV you buy must; cost less than £50,000, have emissions of less than 50g/km, have zero tailpipe emissions and a range of more than 70 miles.

The maximum grant available for new electric cars is £3,000 while the maximum for a new electric van is £8,000, taxis can get up to £7,500 and motorbikes up to £1,500.

With these generous grants, and given the low running costs of EVs, the total cost of ownership of a new EV can fall broadly in-line with an equivalent petrol or diesel model. Even better, you don’t need to do a thing to qualify for the grant. The dealer who you buy the vehicle from will include the value of the grant in the vehicle’s price at point of purchase.

You can read more about the OLEV plug in car grant, including full details of every EV which qualifies for the grant , on their website.

Electric vehicle charging scheme grant

There are additional OLEV grants available to help cover the cost of electric vehicle charging infrastructure. The cheapest, fastest way to charge your EV is at home using a specially designed EV charging unit. This all-weather charging station can be installed inside or out and can charge your EV in a matter of hours. By charging your EV from home you could save significantly on fuel costs.

OLEV provides grant funding of up to 75% towards the cost of installing a domestic charging station in your home. The benefits of this are huge as you’ll be able to charge your EV overnight for a fraction of the cost of filling up a conventional car with petrol or diesel. It is also easy to use, simple to run and safe. The electric vehicle charging scheme grant provides up to £500 towards the installation of a home charging station.

You can find out more about this grant, as well as related information and relevant application forms on the website.

OLEV grant vehicle eligibility

Not all EVs are eligible for the Government’s grant which helps cover the cost of installing a home charging unit. Your electric car or van will need to be new (purchased before 1 October 2016) and must meet OLEV’s ultra-low emission level of less than 50g/km.

The majority of vehicles available on our website are ultra-low EVs which meet this criteria, so you’ll have plenty of choice when deciding on an electric car or van that is eligible. You can see all of the EVs which qualify for the charging scheme grant by using our special car selector tool.