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Commercial EVs for fleets and businesses offer a number of benefits over conventional petrol and diesel powered vehicles. Businesses and fleets in the UK could save thousands by switching to electric cars or vans thanks to Government grants, significant fuel savings and hugely reduced repair and maintenance costs. By making the switch, businesses can also enhance their green credentials and deliver on corporate responsibility pledges to cut carbon emissions. We’ve made it easy for fleet managers and business owners to find the perfect electric car or van for their business needs. We’ve also put together a guide on charging EVs for fleets as well as one on Government grants and cost savings to help businesses more clearly determine real-world savings when upgrading their fleet.

Electric fleet vehicles

Fleet managers and businesses that operate large scale vehicle operations currently spend significant amounts on car tax, fuel costs and related service, maintenance and repair costs. But what if there was a better way? A business or fleet in the UK switching to electric vans or cars can save an estimated 20-30% in upkeep and repair costs alone compared with petrol or diesel vehicles. It is just one of the reasons behind the fact that over two thirds of current EV registrations are for businesses or fleets. With Government grants available to help offset the cost of purchasing EVs for business, as well as savings on every journey undertaken, it is little wonder that more and more business owners are switching to electric cars or vans.

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Commercial electric vans

Whether you run a trades or transport business that requires durable, reliable vehicles with plenty of space or you own a courier fleet that needs a fuel efficient city van to deliver goods on the “last mile” of a route, there are a wide range of excellent commercial electric vans on the market. Explore some of the available options and find out why electric vans are becoming increasingly popular with businesses owners below.

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Reduced cost and savings

Businesses can enjoy significant savings when switching to electric vehicles, including reduced repair, fuel and tax costs. We have developed an intelligent cost calculator to help you determine exactly how much you could save over the life-time value of an EV. You can also find out more about the available company incentives and savings, including the “Benefit in Kind Tax” and “Salary Sacrifice” schemes below.

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Commercial EV range and charging

One of the biggest concerns of business owners when looking to switch to EVs for their business or fleet is how far electric vehicles and vans can travel. Understandably reliability when it comes to commercial vehicles is paramount. The majority of commercial EVs can now comfortably travel over 100 miles on a single charge and with an extensive range of public charging stations across the country, charging EVs is fast, cheap and easy. Rapid charging units can charge a standard electric car or van to 80% capacity in just 30 minutes. Charging points at employees homes and at workplaces can also be relied upon to keep company EVs fully charged and ready to go, for whenever the jobs calls. Explore all of the available public charging networks across the UK now on our interactive charging map.

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