Go Ultra Low

Demonstrate your organisation’s commitment to sustainability by becoming a Go Ultra Low Company.

For a green future

Go Ultra Low Companies welcomes applications from public and private sector organisations looking to save money and embrace a clean, green motoring future.

The commitment from you

Organisations must commit to their vehicle fleets consisting of 5% electric vehicles by 2020 in order to join Go Ultra Low Companies.

A growing scheme

More than 160 Companies have joined the scheme so far, including a number of well-known UK businesses.

Go Ultra Low Company logo

Go Ultra Low Companies lead the way

The Go Ultra Low Companies initiative exists to help promote the work of UK organisations that operate electric vehicles and have committed to use more in the future. By gaining official ‘Go Ultra Low Company’ status, an organisation can be publicly recognised for including electric vehicles on its fleet, and be championed as a leader in low emission business motoring.

Public and private sector organisations that already use electric vehicles, or offer them to employees as company cars, are eligible for Go Ultra Low Company status, providing there’s a commitment for EVs to make up 5% or more of their vehicle fleet by 2020.



The benefits of being a Go Ultra Low Company

Go Ultra Low Companies members receive a PR and marketing toolkit upon joining, containing an official Go Ultra Low Companies logo. The toolkit provides guidance on how to communicate your green credentials to the wider world, while new members will be given the chance to be included in future Go Ultra Low news announcements and case studies. In addition, all Companies are invited to attend the annual Go Ultra Low Fleet Summit.


Making the headlines

Existing Go Ultra Low Companies including London Fire Brigade, Manchester Metropolitan University, Nottingham City Council, University of Cambridge and Zip Water, have all worked with the wider Go Ultra Low campaign to secure coverage with trade media. Specialist media outlets are often interested in these Companies’ commitment to plug-in vehicles and sustainable transport.

Please email to apply for Go Ultra Low Company status.