Best Heavy Duty Window Screens -Reviewed by Experts

Anyone living in an area with many insects should have window screens installed. The screen allows cool, crisp air into your home while keeping outside objects or insects out. Every home ought to have it because, in the right climate, natural ventilation can be a more cost-effective cooling option than air conditioning.

These days, window screens are widely available, and once you know how to use them, they’re fairly simple to install. The heavy duty window screens are perfect for your home. They protect against bugs and insects but allow natural light to come through the windows. This is a great way to save energy while keeping out unwanted pests!

The sun is shining, and the birds are chirping. It’s a perfect day for some relaxation, and if you have heavy duty window screens installed, it will be even better! Heavy duty window screens can withstand harsh weather conditions like wind and rain. Here are ten of the top heavy duty window screens reviewed for you.

Best Heavy Duty Window Screens With Specifications

1. MAGZO Pet Proof Window Screen Replacement, 35″W x 86″L x 1/32″T Best Vinyl Coated Polyester (Greater Than Fiberglass and Polyester) Heavy Duty, Pet Dog Cat Resistant Window Screen Roll (Black)

Features :

  • SPECIFICATION: Size: 35″W x 86″L x 1/32″T, Mesh Number: 14 x 11/Inch, 370g/㎡.
  • HEAVY DUTY MATERIAL: Made of best VINYL COATED POLYESTER, which is stronger and more elastic than ordinary fiberglass and polyester, effectively prevent being torn or scratched by cats, dogs, even BIG pets (other animals) and better prolongs the service life of the window screen.
  • PRODUCT CHARACTERISTICS: Easy to install and detach, perfect enclosure to block annoying creatures, classic black color absorb more lights without sacrificing visibility, tear and scratch resistant, enjoy beautiful summer sunshine and fresh air flow, what a happy life.
  • PAY ATTENTION PLEASE: Although 14 x 11 weave provides outward transparency and avoids unnecessary things, due to the thicker pet screen material, splines with a smaller diameter than ordinary fiberglass screen should be used. (Peoples’ advice: .120 spline.)
  • PAY ATTENTION PLEASE: Due to the need to control logistics costs, the replaced window screen is FOLDED in the package. If there are some creases, please don’t worry. Take it out and flatten it for a period of time or tighten it as much as possible during installation, and the creases will disappear by themselves.

Additional Info :

Color Black

2. Senneny Pet Screen, Upgraded Pet Proof Window Screen Replacement, Pet Dog Cat Resistant Porch Screen, Patio Screen, DIY Custom Heavy Duty Thicken Fiberglass Screen Mesh, Black (36″ × 100″)

Features :

  • Heavy Duty Scratching Resistance Pet Screen: Designed for pets, PVC coated polyester has good toughness and flex, meet the practical needs of pet owners by resisting scratches by dog/cats, it can hold up perfectly to their claws. In addition, squirrels, birds, racoons and other wildlife cannot damage your screen.
  • Effective Protection and Visibility: The pet screen mesh is 15 X 11 (apertures per square inch), moderate mesh density have a certain protective effect without blocking fresh air-flow. Classic black screen provides over 75% of UV protection, not easy to aging. The fiberglass screens strike the right balance between effective protection, sun screening and vis.
  • Screen Mesh for all Screening Applications: The good thickness of the screen makes it can be applied in all places: window screen repair, screen door, dog/cat door for sliding door, porch screen, patio screen, garden screen,insect screen, fence, cat/dog house, and other professional and diy screening applications.
  • Easy To Install and DIY Custom: Available in multiple sizes: 36” × 100”, 48” × 100”, 60 × 100”. You can easily cut it to the shape and size you need. If you want to install it on windows or doors, please refer to the installation method in the picture.
  • Warm Tips: Please using a thinner spline than what is required with a standard screen replacement.(Because of the screen thickness). Due to the space limitation, the screen is folded. The creases will do away not long after it is installed and you don’t need do anything to get rid of it.

Additional Info :

3. Saint-Gobain ADFORS FCS11145-M Pet Resistant Screen Repair Kit for Window & Door, Charcoal

Features :

  • Kit provides everything needed for an easy screen replacement: 36 in. x 84 in. screen, . 125 in x 25 ft. spline and 1 spline implementation tool
  • Replaces approximately 2 average size window screens or 1 door
  • All screens are Greenguard [GOLD] certified and ortho-phthalate free, making it ideal for environments where people, particularly children and sensitive adults, spend extended periods of time. All screens comply with California Prop 65.
  • Heavy duty screen
  • Backed by a 10-year limited

Additional Info :

Color Charcoal
Item Dimensions
Height 36
Width 1.75
Length 3

4. CBW Doors Pet Proof Screen 36”x100″– Premium Heavy Duty Window Screen, Doors, (Grey)

Features :

  • Heavy-Duty Window Screen Roll made of reinforced PVC coated polyester fiberglass, PVC material with better pet-resistant than fiberglass screen mesh.
  • EASY INSTALLATION AND CUSTOMIZATION- adjustable pet screen mesh roll is perfect to be customized in your favorite size, for DIY.
  • The pat proof screen provides stronger and sturdy construction on preventing tear and scratch damage from your pet.

Additional Info :

Color Gray
5. Saint-Gobain ADFORS FCS8988-M Pet Screen, 36″ x 84″, Charcoal

Features :

  • 36 inch x 84 inch
  • Resist tears and damage by dogs and cats
  • Flame Resistant
  • Replaces approximately 2 average size window screens or 1 door
  • All screens are Greenguard [GOLD] certified and ortho-phthalate free, making it ideal for environments where people, particularly children and sensitive adults, spend extended periods of time. All screens comply with California Prop 65.

Additional Info :

Color Charcoal
Item Dimensions
Height 36
Width 2.5
Length 2.5
Weight 1.7

6. Saint-Gobain ADFORS FCS10113-M Extra Strength Window Screen, 36″ x 84″, Charcoal

Features :

  • 36 in x 84 in
  • 40% stronger than standard fiberglass screen
  • Perfect for large windows, doors and other high usage areas that need extra protection against active pets and young children
  • Easy to install
  • GREENGUARD Gold certified and ortho-phthalate free

Additional Info :

Color Charcoal
Item Dimensions
Height 36
Width 1.75
Length 1.75
Weight 0.8

7. Pet Proof Window Screen Replacement, 39“ x 100″ Upgraded Thicken Charcoal Fiberglass Mesh for Sliding Pet Screen Door Repair Kit – Screen Door Protector for Dogs Patio Screen mesh

Features :

  • 【Heavy Duty Pet Window Screen】:The upgraded screen mesh is specially designed for pets, thicker and more durable than regular fiberglass screen mesh, Pet and other wildlife couldn’t scratch.
  • 【Window Screen Mesh Function】Thick charcoal black mesh prevents pets from biting and tearing, but it has good visibility, good circulation of fresh air, keeps annoying creatures out.
  • 【Window Screen Mesh Advantage】:Our Pet-proof screen also has anti-wrinkle screen material features, flexible and durable. Reinforced PVC coated polyester fiberglass material, Anti sunlight exposure, not afraid of rain, long service life.
  • 【Screen Mesh Applications】: The excellent thickness screen can apply in all places: window screen repair, screen door, sliding door, porch screen, patio screen, dog & cat sliding door, and other DIY screening applications. It folded in the package. But if there are some creases, they would disappear after install.
  • 【Premium Service】We have extensive experience in operation; feel free to email for details. If you have no experience in window and patio door screen replacement, also have a professional result!

Additional Info :

Color Black

How to Clean Window Screens

The urge to open a window and let some fresh air in increases as the temperature rises. But what if the fresh air is more like a warm spring breeze and less like dust and debris? When that happens, you’ll know it’s time to clean your window screens. Cleaning window screens is a frequently overlooked task that can extend the life of your windows, enhance the quality of your air, and enhance your view. To learn how the pros do it, continue reading.

How Often Should You Clean Your Window Screens?

The amount of dirt the window screens accumulate and other factors can influence this determine how frequently the screens should be cleaned. According to Thompson, some screens are more vulnerable to the accumulation of airborne dirt and dust depending on their location and surrounding environments. You’ll need to clean your windows more frequently if they are exposed to more wind or debris, or if it’s autumn and leaves are falling everywhere.

However, if they are frequently debris-free, think about giving them a deeper clean once or twice a year. The best time to clean window screens is in the fall, according to Deonarain. As a result, cleaning is made simple and helps the cleaning last the longest. If dirt is left on the screen over the winter, it becomes harder to remove.

Supplies You’ll Need

Window screen cleaning is a simple task that doesn’t call for special skills or equipment. You’ll need the following to get going.

  • Water
  • Vinegar
  • Hose
  • Microfiber cloth
  • Soft bristle brush
  • Vacuum with hose attachment

Step 1: Clean the screen without taking it off.

You don’t always need to remove your window screens from the frame to clean them, especially if you do it frequently. In order to quickly clean your screen, first vacuum it with a brush attachment to get rid of any extra dust or dirt.

“According to Deonarain, vacuuming first will help you save time because you’ll be able to collect any loose dirt and debris. Additionally, this will lessen the possibility of loose debris/dirt getting stuck in the screen’s crevices, which would require more effort to remove.”

After that, wipe the screen with a damp microfiber cloth after spraying it with a solution of one part white vinegar to one part water. Gently rub the area with circular motions. Before closing the window on top of the screen, allow it to dry.

Step 2: Remove the screen for deeper cleanings

Remove the screens from your window frames and stack them up against the side of your house or shed for more thorough seasonal cleanings. Don’t forget to label where your different-sized screens go if you have them.

Step 3: Spray, Brush, and Rinse Your Screens

Next, lightly hose down your screens because too much water pressure can harm them. By doing this, you’ll get rid of most of the dirt and dust in the screens. You’ll need to become a little more focused in your cleaning if you want to get whatever is still there. Thompson advises washing the screen with a soft-bristled brush and mild soapy water before rinsing it with fresh water. The same 50/50 vinegar solution that you used to wash the screens inside can also be used to clean the screens.

4. Allow them to dry

The challenging work is finished once your window screens have been sprayed, brushed, and rinsed. Just wait until they are completely dry before reinstalling them. When reinstalling your screens, make sure you install the appropriate screen for that particular window frame.

How to Keep Window Screens Clean Longer

Although it may seem like an unnecessary chore, cleaning your window screens is crucial because it can increase the lifespan of your windows and the air quality in your home. According to Thompson, it is strongly advised to maintain windows and screens regularly to keep everything functioning properly. But how do you keep them clean after you’ve cleaned them?

You can keep your window screens clean for a longer period in two ways. First, as suggested in step one, think about quickly wiping down your screens every two months. The gap between deep cleans will need to grow longer as a result. Second, remember that you should regularly wipe down your window sills and frames because the extra dirt they collect can end up on your screens.

Heavy Duty Window Screens Buying Guide

Process of installing

During the shopping process, find out how easy or difficult it will be to install and assemble the screen. Almost any window screen can be assembled and installed easily. Installing the screens involves adjusting them according to your window width and then fixing them appropriately. Many of these screens come completely assembled.

Any such screen should be easily removable or installable without the use of special hardware or tools. The installation of some products will require more work than others since some are designed to be cut to your desired size. If you are looking to build your own screened-in porch or to replace damaged screens, these boards are ideal for DIY projects.

Display size

Window screens are designed to fit a wide range of windows because of their design. The heights of these fences can vary from 10 to 24 inches. From 20 inches to 36+ inches, screen width usually can be adjusted.

Users can adjust the screen vertically by simply flipping over the screen. Make sure your window dimensions are known before you purchase a screen. These products can be adjusted, but you are responsible for making sure that they fit within the specified window size.

The quantity

Most listings will include one screen per window, although some may include two or more screens. Purchasing them in bulk can save you money if you want to install screens on multiple windows.


A-frame may be made of steel, aluminum, or wood. The design of a window frame usually combines different materials. Galvanized metal frames are designed to withstand harsh weather conditions.

The edges of the frame can also be equipped with weather stripping for preventing insects and moisture. Make sure the frame is robust enough to resist cracking, warping, or breaking, regardless of what it is made from.

Element of mesh

Screens are primarily made up of mesh. It gives you access to all of the window’s benefits. You want it to be functional and durable. It is possible to use a blend of materials to make the mesh elements of the screen. Fiberglass mesh is available in some varieties, while durable steel mesh is used in others. Some mesh includes nanofiber technology, which prevents unwanted pests from coming in.


What is the most durable screen material?

There are few materials as durable as pet screens! A composite window screen made from vinyl-coated polyester provides excellent visibility and airflow while being seven times stronger than standard window screens.

What mesh is a standard window screen?

Screens are usually 18 by 16 inches in size, which means there are 18 squares per inch on the top left and top right corners, and 16 squares per inch on the bottom left and bottom right corners.

Are pet screens worth it?

A great screen to have if you have pets and are concerned about them easily breaking through screens. I haven’t seen any bugs or other problems yet, but the holes look slightly larger than the usual aluminum or metal mesh. If any of my other screens break, I will definitely buy this again!

How long do fiberglass screens last?

It can normally last from 10 to 15 years if it’s primarily in shade, fairly dry, gets cleaned semi-regularly, and does not see a lot of traffic.


Heavy duty window screens are exactly what they sound like. They’re a screen that is made to withstand heavy use and high traffic areas. Whether you need them for your home or commercial property, this type of screening offers the ultimate protection against insects, bugs, pests, and other invasive creatures entering through open windows.

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