Grants and savings

We think that money by the mile is quite compelling, especially when you consider that most people in the UK travel far less each day than the range of a 100% electric vehicle. But for those occasions you need to go a little further, a plug-in hybrid or range extended electric vehicle will achieve those driving cost savings whilst running in electric mode, but with the added option of driving a bit further on petrol if you need to. These vehicles can easily meet the average journey length of just 7 miles, so you can enjoy the benefits of cheap electric running for most of your journeys and have the added convenience of a vehicle capable of longer journeys without refuelling.

If that’s not compelling enough, the Government is helping with the upfront purchase costs on many new electric (plug-in) car, van or motorcycle models. The Plug-in Grant gives you 35% off the price of a car, up to a maximum of either £2,500 or £4,500 depending on the model; 20% of the cost of a van, up to a maximum of £8,000; and 20% of the cost of a motorcycle, to a maximum of £1,500* See full details here.

Still concerned? As with all vehicles, there are a range of finance package options to spread the cost. With some models you can even consider buying the car and leasing the battery, giving you complete peace of mind for the lifetime of your battery.

*see source

Did you know

It can cost less than 2p per mile to drive some Go Ultra Low cars*. An average conventional vehicle can cost over 12p per mile*. So drive 100 miles and that’s £2 versus £12, drive 200 miles and that’s £4 versus £24, drive 2000 miles and that’s £40 versus £240.