Journey Cost Savings

Find out your cost savings

Driving an electric car could save you money every time you travel. Compared to traditional petrol and diesel cars, EVs are cheaper to run and far more efficient to drive. We’ve designed a special journey cost calculator to illustrate how much you could save on every journey you make in an electric car rather than a petrol or diesel equivalent. Compare a wide range of models quickly and easily and see a breakdown of cost per mile, annual fuel costs and emissions.

How our journey calculator works

Our intelligent journey calculator has been built to give you an accurate, easy way to work out how much you spend on your current car journeys. Whether that is your daily commute, a weekend trip away or even further, longer distance drives.

You can select any of the EVs available on our website and choose to compare it with a wide range of current petrol and diesel vehicles. You can also choose the journey length in miles, or select an exact route on a map. There are options to select the duration of journey; daily, monthly or yearly and fields to adjust domestic electricity costs and petrol prices so that you can get the most accurate, up to date answers possible.

When comparing the journey costs between two cars you’ll see a breakdown of exactly how much each journey costs in pounds and pence for both the electric vehicle of your choice and the petrol or diesel car equivalent. This is further broken down into cost per mile and an annual fuel projection cost is given based on the information you’ve entered. You’ll also see a comparison between total CO2 and nitrogen tailpipe emissions for each car.

Our goal in building the journey cost calculator is to help you see how much you could save on each trip you make, as well as the cumulative, long-term savings you could enjoy by switching to an electric vehicle.

More electric car savings

The amount that you could save by switching to an electric vehicle could be considerable. While the cost per journey is significantly lower there are also further savings for EV drivers in the form of government grants and incentives, reduced service and maintenance costs and even savings on road tax and congestion charges. With so many ways to save, there has never been a better time to switch to driving an electric car.