5 ways to save money with an electric car

Electric cars can be a very effective way to save you money on motoring. Read on for our top five ways to save by switching to driving electric…



It can cost less than 2p per mile to drive an electric car. Compared to the cost of running an average internal combustion engine vehicle (around 12p per mile), this can add up to big savings for electric car owners. In fact, you could save over £750 a year in fuel bills alone by making the switch!


Road tax

Electric vehicles are exempt from road tax (or Vehicle Excise Duty) due to their low levels of CO2 emissions. That’s one more bill that you won’t have to worry about as an electric car owner.


Garage bills

Switching to an electric car could save you hundreds of pounds on your service and maintenance bills. The cost of an annual service can be pretty steep for all car owners, but the price of annual servicing and maintenance for a new pure electric vehicle is just £94. The equivalent cost for a petrol or diesel car is £400, so that works out to a saving of over £300 a year for electric motorists!


Government grant

The UK Government can lend you a helping hand with the upfront cost of buying an electric car. They provide a Plug-In Car Grant of up to £4,500 off the price of an electric car, and up to £8,000 off the price of a van. This grant will be applied during your purchase at the dealer, so you don’t even need to worry about applying yourself.


Local perks

As an electric car owner you may be eligible for specific benefits in your area through regional initiatives, such as discounted or free parking, or being exempt from the congestion charge in London. The number of these local incentives is increasing as electric vehicles grow in popularity and through the help of the Go Ultra Low Cities initiative, so check with your local council to see what’s available in your area.


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