A guide to Milton Keynes for electric car owners

Milton Keynes is one of four UK cities to recently receive government funding to boost electric vehicle infrastructure through the Go Ultra Low Cities initiative, and local resident Will, a member of our Owners’ Club, thinks it’s a city that’s well worth a visit for any electric car owner.


Will is a money-saving expert who is now experiencing the cost-saving benefits of electric vehicles for himself. He runs http://10ways.com – a website with the sole intention to get young people to take care of their finances and think of money as a tool to improve their lives. Read on to see Will’s electric guide to Milton Keynes:


“Some people might not consider Milton Keynes a place they would love to visit but here’s why I think electric car owners should give it a go.


“Milton Keynes isn’t just full of roundabouts and concrete cows, we have a reliable set of rapid chargers next to tonnes of lovely walks, lakes, canals and pubs, and some interesting places to explore.”


“Here are a few things for electric car drivers (and anyone else visiting the city) to note:


  • 100 miles of charge costs around £3 (with Chargemaster Polar, free 6 months then £7.85 per month, + 9p/kw or instant access at £1.50 + 9p/kw). Driving the equivalent distance would cost £10 in petrol.
  • Free parking in the centre (shops/bars/hotels etc) when charging. Plenty of rapid chargers – even if it says it’s pay and display, if you’re charging it will be free. More info here.
  • Walks around Willen Lake, Ouzel Valley Park, Woughton on the Green, Woughton Park, Caldecotte Lake (with an outside gym), Campbell Park (outside summer events), Stony Stratford Nature Reserve and Furzton Lake are all good and they all have rapid chargers within walking distance. See a map of the parks here.
  • There are tons of bars, pubs and restaurants in the main city area. Lots of rapid and non-rapid chargers in the main area near shops/bars etc.
  • Bletchley Park and The National Museum of Computing are nearby (both awesome).
  • IKEA with an Ecotricity Rapid Charger + Ecotricity on the M1 nearby. Be warned that the place gets very busy at the weekend!
  • If you like cycling the whole city has dedicated cycle routes (not on the road) and you can go through all of the parks as well.
  • Airkix (indoor skydiving) and SnowZone (indoor ski/snowboarding and other activities) are worth a visit, just remember to shop around for deals first as they can be a tad expensive (and also very busy during peak times).
  • Gulliver’s Land for the kids (young kids only) has a rapid charger next door.”


You can see Will’s full blog on his site here. If you’re an electric car owner that would like to write a similar guide for your city, please get in touch! To plan your trip and find your nearest chargepoints, use our charging map here: www.goultralow.com/charging-your-electric-car/charging-point-map/

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