Owners reveal the four biggest things they love about their electric cars

Electric car owners often tell us how much they love electric motoring, so we conducted a survey among our Owners’ Club to find out the things they love the most. The results are in, and the top four benefits our owners have identified are:

  • Cost savings
  • Range
  • Environmental benefits
  • Parking perks

For Barry Golding from Slough, the cost savings are the biggest benefit to owning an EV. He compared the savings to his old petrol vehicle and said that “going past petrol stations without parting with £70” was one of the main things he loved. Sheila Joynes from Worcester agreed, saying there were many benefits, but said, “If I had to choose just one it would be low running costs.”

Aidan O’Byrne from London spoke about multiple benefits including range and cost. He said: “long distance cruising at a fraction of the price of diesel” was what he enjoyed most about his electric car

Green credentials of EVs were key for Joanna Benbow of Taunton, who said: “it’s the car of the future that improves the environment around you.”

Meanwhile, for Indira Chima of St Albans, it’s all about the added extras that come with EV ownership such as free and dedicated parking. When talking about her EV, she told us: “my husband and I thoroughly enjoy it. It’s great when you can roll up at Bicester Village (which has highly pressured parking) and go straight into a VIP dedicated parking spot.”

The findings of the survey back up what we already know about electric vehicles being cheaper to run, kinder to the environment and great fun to own and drive.

But don’t just take our word for it. Use our car selector and see how you can make the switch today.

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