Go Ultra Low

Tools for your Electric Vehicle Journey

Tools for your Electric Vehicle journey

icon_home-chargingHome charging too

lFind out how easy and how little it costs to charge at home

Estimate charging costs 

icon_journey-rangeJourney range calculator

Find out just how far an electric vehicle can travel

Calculate range 

Energy tariffEnergy tariff tool

Compare different energy tariffs in our overview

Compare energy tariffs 

icon_local-incentives-10-2Local incentives tool

Find local incentives in your area using the interactive map

Find local incentives 

icon_car-charging-mapCharging point map

Find your nearest charge point with the interactive map

Find charging points 

icon_journey-cost-savingsJourney cost savings calculator

Discover how much you could save in 3 easy steps

Check journey cost savings 

icon_ev-car-selectorEV finder tool

Find your perfect electric vehicle
with our Car Selector

Find the EV for you 

icon_car-tax-calculator-3Car tax calculator

Find out how much you could save by driving an electric vehicle

Compare tax costs 

How can Go Ultra Low help you?

Go Ultra Low is a joint government and industry initiative created to provide you with everything you need to know about electric vehicles, EV for short.

Whether you’re looking to choose an EV for yourself or for your business, calculate car tax savings or just curious to learn more about EVs, we can help. We have details on a huge range of the UK’s most popular electric cars as well as a UK wide EV charging map and other smart tools.

Start exploring how an EV could change your driving, find out some of the reasons why thousands of drivers around the UK are switching to EVs.

Why go electric?

Lower cost

EVs offer an excellent investment for drivers looking for a cheaper, more efficient and reliable way to get around. Like traditional petrol and diesel vehicles, the cost of buying an electric car varies depending on make, model, features and type.

There is an EV to suit every type of budget and our car selector tool is designed to help you find your perfect car quickly and easily.

Cheaper to maintain

While the price of an EV may be similar to most comparable petrol or diesel cars, the cost of running one is significantly cheaper.

Fully electric cars are designed to be as efficient as possible and there are generally 3 main components powering the vehicle; the on-board charger, inverter and motor. This means there is far less wear and tear on the car and little stress on the motor, with fewer moving parts susceptible to damage. This means you’ll rarely have to have your EV serviced and the running and repair costs are minimal.

Better for the environment

Fully electric cars have zero tailpipe emissions making them greener, cleaner and better for the environment than any petrol or diesel car currently on the road. When driven in electric mode, plug-in hybrids emit zero tailpipe emissions.

In order to drive in the most environmentally friendly way possible, make sure to keep your plug-in hybrid charged up so that you can carry out the majority of driving in electric mode.

Electric Cars Are Already Cheaper to Own and Run Then Petrol or Diesel Alternatives in Five European Countries Analysed in New Research.

The Guardian, February 2019