People think electric vehicles will be a common sight in neighbourhoods of the future

December 5, 2016

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Ever wondered what your neighbourhood might look like in the future? We’ve recently released the results of our latest survey to see what features the public thought would be common sights in the not too distant future. Unsurprisingly, electric cars and chargepoints feature pretty high on the list.


Check out the top 10 most desired features for future neighbourhoods:


  1. ‘Positivity’ smart lamp posts using colourful hues to combat Seasonal Affective Disorder
  2. Electric car charge points on every house
  3. Locks on front doors which can be opened by fingerprint
  4. Water recycling capabilities
  5. Rainwater harvesting technology
  6. Outdoor solar powered charging stations
  7. Electric car sharing schemes
  8. Trees emitting Wi-Fi
  9. Fox proof bins
  10. Robotic gardeners


Looks like people hope there are lots of exciting technological developments on the way, but electric car chargepoints at home aren’t just something we’ll see in the future. There are already over 70,000 home chargers in the UK – unsurprising as charging provider data shows that around 90% of electric car charging takes place at home.


Our research also indicated that most people think they’ll be seeing more electric cars in their local area. Nearly three quarters said they expect electric vehicles to be the most common type of vehicle on residents’ driveways. Just over a quarter are also expecting hydrogen cars to be a more familiar fixture too.


If you haven’t already tried an electric car for yourself, you can book a test drive through our car selector tool here.

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